Christmas Tree Photo Contest 2011

And so!  The fourth annual Christmas Tree Photo Contest begins!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph this year, and in years past.  This contest is becoming a truly lovely tradition and it makes our hearts feel merry.  This years images are wonderful and we appreciate very much the time you took (and take) to be part of this little community.  The photographs come from all over the world and there are some that are sure to make you smile!  So, without further delay, here are the contest rules:

1.  Only one vote is allowed per person!

2.  You may not vote for your own tree photograph, whether it represents an individual or family submission — we feel this goes against the spirit of this little contest.  We do not enforce this rule and thank you for being honorable.

3.  Have fun and be blessed.


We’ll be closing this contest on January 1, 2012 and tallying votes as soon as we can — the image that garners the most votes is the image that wins.

This years winner will receive an “I Love Your Soul” zippered and hooded sweatshirt in any preferred size as well as a bountiful Christmas package from Mister Plume and I!  Get a load of that coziness!

 Have yourself a gorgeous little Christmas with family and friends and thank you, always, for being in my world and making this year special and unforgettable — as you always do.

Love, Jillian

PS  A massive and resounding thank you to RW who spent nearly two days in front of a computer preparing this contest for us.  Don’t you love that man to smithereens?  I do.


Monkey Tree

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me/two paper cranes in a fig tree -- Canada

Babes and Crackers -- Chicago, IL

A tale of Christmas Trimmings -- Richmond, Virginia

Oh Long Dong Silver -- Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Ugly Mug, Pretty Tree -- Lawrence, KS

Oh Tannenbaum -- Marienplatz in old Munich, deepest Bavaria...South of Germany

With Their Eyes All A Glow -- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Rolling Rock Tree -- (JEEPERS BOYS! That's a bit of beer!)

Dreaming of a White (First) Christmas -- Westminster, Colorado

Sing It -- Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

The Ballerina's Tree -- Florida

Sweet Pea -- Seattle, WA

My Favorite Tree -- Calexico, CA

Merry Fishmas -- Missoula, MT

Spirit Tree -- San Antonio, Texas

Effervesce -- Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Frosty's Delight -- Wheeling, WV

Oh Lord, please don't let the boy pull the tree over!! -- Virden, Manitoba ,Canada

The Golden Tree's Littlest Fawn -- Ontario, Canada

Tree Hugger -- Pawtucket, RI

Owl Star -- Portland, OR

By The Light of the Fire -- Audubon, PA

The Ten Footer

Buddha And The Tree -- Oakland, FL

Canadian Cabin Christmas -- Gooderham, Ontario, Canada

Magic. Cat. Magnet -- Longmont, Colorado

Ocean Hues Christmas Tree -- Matawan, NJ

First Christmas at the Bachelorette Pad -- Idaho Falls, ID

Pot of Gold Tree -- Villa Park, IL

The Big Branch -- Mallorca, Balearic islands, Catalan Countries

Mistletoe Threshold to the Christmas Tree -- Boston, MA

Dark Green Needled Memories -- Eltham, Victoria, Australia

Light Lead the Way -- Vancouver, BC, Canada

Baby's First Christmas -- Spokane, Washington

Knitting by Treelight -- Vancouver Island, BC

A Welcome Home -- Joliet, IL

Linus -- Charleston, SC

Momma, how about this tree? -- Milwaukee, WI

Country Christmas! -- Winthrop, WA (What a handsome smokejumper!)

Tinker Bell Meets Vicious Rex -- Sutton, AK

Elderly-Lady-went-Berserkers-in-Jewelry-Box -- Nr. Kongerslev, Jutland, Denmark

A Sassy Christmas -- Bloomfield, NY

The Grinch that Stole Christmas With His Trusty "Reindeer" -- Detroit, MI


The Helper

Christmas Kindling -- South Wales, UK

Cozy Tree -- Portland, Oregon

All Dressed Up -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

BC - Because We're Cute -- Bakersfield, CA (LOOK AT OUR DARLING LITTLE NEPHEWS!!! Kisskiss!)

Christmas in the Cube -- Portland, OR

Old Time Christmas -- Webster, NY

Colorado Christmas -- Colorado

Light It Up Pink!

You Can Almost See the Halo -- Longmont, Colorado

Christmas 2011 -- Chilliwack, BC - Canada

Christmas As The Oaks

O Come Let Us Adore Him -- Pittsfield, MA

Parker's Tree, The Remembrance Tree -- Woodstock, Illinois

Weenie and the Wee Man Wish you a Merry Christmas (photo taken by Tyler Wright 8 years old and weenie staging by mom) -- Parker, AZ

Shaloha X-mas -- Oahu, HI

The Key Is Our Light -- Tampa, Florida

Eyes on the Prize -- Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Wrapped In Light -- Milton, WV

Proof that an Elephant can Hide behind a Christmas Tree -- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  1. All beautiful…too difficult to vote for one…Merry Christmas to you all! Fa la la lalalalalalal

  2. How to choose?! They’re all wonderful!

  3. hmmm…. i’m going to have to go with fellow edmontonian’s “all dressed up”

  4. Oh, soooo many beauties! Thank you again, Jillian and Robert, for this wonderful contest!

    Country Christmas…yum yummy.

    Wrapped in light…gorgeous.

    But, my VOTE has to go to CHRISTMAS IN THE CUBE, because it just truly tickled my funny bone! LOVE IT!!

  5. “A tale of Christmas trimmings”

    I love these pictures.

  6. Kelsey Stone says:

    I vote for “Baby’s first Christmas”, that tree is so cute compared to the big beauty behind it 🙂

  7. I loved them all but Baby’s First Christmas was just so sweet! That’s my vote 🙂

  8. Wrapped in light was so sweet, Country Christmas and a few others were great
    but I have to vote for
    The Golden Tree’s Littlest Fawn

  9. “With Their Eyes All Aglow”

  10. oh oh!! wrapping in lights!!!
    all so pretty!!

  11. Baby’s First Christmas gets my vote, please.
    Thank you both for setting up this contest again, it’s a joy.
    Safe travels, and happy holidays to you and the Mister!

  12. Going to have to go with “With Their Eyes All A Glow”
    🙂 good luck

  13. So fun! Sorry I missed taking a pic this year. But I am so inspired by the glittering lovliness that is here! I like All Dressed Up. Clever!
    Enjoy the dya!

  14. I can’t stop smiling! 🙂 Thank you, Plume!

    My vote is for Mistletoe Threshold to the Christmas Tree — Boston, MA! 😀

    Happy holidays!

  15. They are all so beautiful! Many thanks to you and RW for such lovely Christmas fun and cheer. Wishing you peace, warmth and joy!

    My vote is for Magic. Cat. Magnet.

  16. With their eyes all a glow 🙂

  17. My vote is for “All Dressed Up”. It was so much fun to look through all of these, especially since I’m not putting up a tree this year. Happy Solstice lovely!

  18. “Magic. Cat. Magnet.”

  19. My vote is for Linus in the tree.

  20. “Dark Green Needled Memories” tough choice, but this was just too sigh-invoking for me to pass up!

  21. Sarah Pavelko says:

    Tree Hugger!

  22. Gotta go with that Ten Footer.

  23. Kathleen Underwood says:

    I vote for “With their eyes all aglow” from Saskatoon — how could I not???

  24. so many fabulous photos! I have to go with “country Christmas” though. love it!

  25. gotta go with You Can Almost See the Halo,
    though Rolling Rock Tree and Christmas in the Cube made me laugh
    and Parker’s Tree is certainly lovely.
    Merry Christmas to all and thank you again, Jillian and RW, for generously hosting this holiday celebration!

  26. sigh. they are all sooo good, but i had a giggle for the CUBE, so that is my vote 🙂 xo

  27. I love Baby’s First Christmas!

  28. I’m so sad that i missed out on submitting a picture….sick baby…HOWEVER, i’d LOVE to vote for ‘wrapped in light’. That’s the most amazing Christmas photo i’ve seen in awhile. love it.

  29. Old Time Christmas gets my vote! Merry Christmas!

  30. Oh man! Hard to choose, but I think I have to go with “Country Christmas!”
    Thanks for the lovely compilation of images, Plume team!
    Merry Christmas!

  31. Jennifer Kuyek says:

    They’re all stunningly gorgeous, but I love “Baby’s first Christmas”

    Merry Christmas, Jillian – and thanks to both you and RW for all of this hard work to spread Christmas spirit over the internets!

  32. Amy Millward says:

    Great pictures!! They were so fun to look at, thanks for having the contest again. I vote for Ugly Mug, Ballerina’s Tree & the smoke jumper. I bet he would look good in the hoodie. jokes jokes.

  33. gosh.. so many beauties!! Have to just go with my gut and say that “baby’s first Christmas” hit me right between the eyes, loved the concept there.
    Merry Christmas sweet Plume – hope you mailbox gets a wee addition soon! ;o)
    needle and nest

  34. Oh Tannenbaum gets my vote!

    Love them all though, and my other special faves are Ugly Mug, Pretty Tree; Country Christmas; Dremaing of a White First Christmas; You can almost see the Halo; The Ten Footer; and Canadian Cabin Christmas! But really love them all and the warm feelings they all evoke….
    Thanks for hosting all these gorgeous photos Jillian! Merry Christmas!

  35. Sigh – “Knitting By Treelight” looks good to me 🙂

  36. “A tale of Christmas trimmings” has such a great feel to it.

  37. I vote for the Magic. Cat. Magnet! Longmont, Co

    They are all awesome photos…so hard to choose!

  38. “With Their Eyes All Aglow” 🙂

  39. great photos!

    i felt particularly drawn to: “Dark Green Needled Memories”

  40. Linda Krapfel says:

    BC – Because we are cute! Bakersfield, CA

  41. I think Baby’s Fist Christmas is stunning! Wrapped In Light is a close second in my book.

  42. “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me/two paper cranes in a fig tree — Canada”

    I like this one. It gets my vote. This is a fun idea.

  43. Hannah and Patrick says:

    Oh gosh, what a fun way to get in the holiday mood!! Jillian, you and Robert are just hands down the best!!! 🙂 I loved them all, but since we are suckers for puns (and fish!) we vote for Merry Fishmas! Happy Holidays to all of you!

  44. by the light of the fire….

    hard to choice…lots of gorgeous trees….and pets!!!

    Merry christmas Miss Plume
    to you and Mr. Plume and the Plume pups

    Love and Light

  45. I vote for ” with they’re eyes all aglow”

  46. I almost voted for Country Christmas bc he’s a cutie, but I’m going with Linus (kitty in the tree). So cute!

  47. I vote for Linus, Charleston, SC

  48. My vote if is for Linus in the tree!

  49. I vote for “With their eyes all aglow.”

  50. Wendy Wignes says:

    I love the picture from Australia with the ice on the everygreen branches

  51. I love “With their eyes all a glow” – so sweet!

  52. Sharon Templain says:

    Love the “ten footer”
    Love the “you can almost see the halo” beautiful
    But my favourite has to be “wrapped in light”
    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, all warm and snuggly, with good family memories.

  53. carrie beechler says:

    A lot of fun looking at all the pictures but I pick ( Babys First Christmas from Spokane Washington) Thanks have a Merry Christmas

  54. Love all the photos! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

    My vote goes to “wrapped in light”. Adorable!!

  55. My vote is for “Baby’s First Christmas” with an honorable mention to “Rolling Rock Tree”!

  56. With Their Eyes All A Glow!

  57. Oh my goodness!! So hard to decide!! I LOVE so many of them. All of them, really! But I think I have to vote for Rolling Rock tree just because they’re fellow Jayhawks!! ROCK CHALK!!

    (My other favorites are Linus, Weenie & the Wee Man, Pot of Gold… I could go on…)

  58. I vote for “Baby’s First Christmas”. Very sweet.

  59. It was really hard to choose just one, but I think my favorite is wrapped in light!

  60. With Their Eyes All A Glow!

  61. My vote is for “Canadian Cabin Christmas — Gooderham, Ontario, Canada.” Something very realistic, cozy and natural about it. It just FEELS of Christmas. They are all great, though! 🙂

  62. Ooooh, I’m leaning towards the doggie ones, as they too are so very much a part of our families. Hmmm, between Dreaming of my First Christmas, You can almost see the Halo, and Ugly Mug, I’m going to go with……….


    Ok. between, Dreaming, and Halo……

    Dreaming gets my vote! But it was close. Lovely photos, all of them. Thank you for this!

  63. “christmas in the country” is my vote! i’ve always wanted to do that….

  64. So nice to deliberate over — my first year to toss in a vote :). I’m going to vote for Cozy Tree. Looks sooooo relaxing….

  65. All Dressed Up — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Well done Rw…
    Merry Christmas Plume!

  66. So hard to choose, but I think I have to go with Country Christmas Smokejumper because of its simple old fashioned goodness.

  67. These are all really great. What a terrific way to get into the Christmas spirit!

    Vote: Paws up for “Weenie and the Wee Man Wish you a Merry Christmas”! ;0)

  68. Tree hugger made me L out L – that’s my vote!

  69. My vote is for Wrapped In Light — Milton, WV. That is just darling. Merry Christmas!

  70. carla erikson says:

    so many reasons why each one should win. beauties. cinematography, lighting, nostalgia, shock value, non-trad, trad, etc……
    my 2 favorites: dreaming of a white (first) christmas, westminster, CO and dark green needled memories, etham, victoria, australia.

    my ABSOLUTE favorite: dreaming of a white (first) christmas, westminster, CO (i’m a dog grrl!!!)

  71. Jenn with 2 N's says:

    My vote: Magic Cat Magnet!

  72. “with their eyes all a glow”

  73. Rae Lynn Day says:

    Weenie and the wee man….

  74. Zuky Hernandez says:

    Weenie and the Wee man Christmas tree is my fave 🙂

  75. Thank you for this wonderful contest, so many many great pictures!

    My vote goes for “Dreaming of a White (First) Christmas”. Love the colors and the ambiance:)

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful, happy New Year!


  76. my vote is for knitting by treelight…after all, we live on the same island whoever she is:)

  77. I’ve got to go with “country christmas” winthrop Wa. That’s how it should be done…get that man a hot toddy!

  78. I love “Oh Tannanbaum” from Germany, but there are so many great ones! I love seeing the Christmas trees every year, so thanks for having the contest again. Have a very happy Christmas!
    Jamie B.
    Pittsburgh, PA

  79. Gladys Scully says:

    My vote goes to “With Their Eyes All A Glow” That picture is worth more than a thousand words.

  80. I love the “My Favorite Tree” but have to go for Linus because I love kitties – the magic eye kittie is in the lead or I’d pick her!AAAUUUGGGH

  81. “The Helper”
    I LOVE the way the phto was taken as well as the composition and subject matter. Great work!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  82. They were all very good, but I vote for “Baby’s First Christmas.”

  83. Meaghan Bentley says:

    I am going to have to pick the “With Their Eyes All A Glow — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan” picture!

  84. Such a bounty! Truly lovely images…. how could anyone choose?

  85. With their eyes all aglow is amazing.

  86. With their eyes all aglow!

  87. I’d have to go for “Wrapped in Light”….adorable!

    Fantastic job on formatting all those photos! Holy WOW!

  88. Baby’s First Christmas…. tough to choose!

  89. I think I’m going with Merry Fishmas!

  90. “country christmas”….


    happy christmas to us all!!!!

  91. Trina Hurley says:

    Magic. Cat. Magnet — Longmont, Colorado. I have a thing for tinsel.

  92. All so great! Of course I love all the pics with kids & dogs. Special mention to “Wraaped in light” & “knitting by treelight,” (since that’s what I’ll be doing) but I have to go with “Old Time Christmas.” Something about the colors of the juke with the tree and the sense of the party about to start…

  93. Pretty hard to pick one! It’s a tie for the cute factor with Linus the cat & Country Christmas!
    But my vote goes to that little succulent “All Dressed Up” for Christmas!

  94. Good heavens, how does one choose? They are all fabulous! But I think I’m going to have to go with “All Dressed Up”. It is such a sweet little succulent.

  95. Although I l.o.v.e. ‘the spirit tree’, we all decided (by voting) to go for ‘country christmas’.
    God Jul to you all from Norway

  96. simone marie says:

    I can’t decide…
    I can’t decide!!!!!

  97. Lilly Christoforidou - Katsaiti says:

    Great Photos! Merry christmas to all contributors to this Christmas Tree Photo Contest from Athens, Greece. What a lovely idea…! I enjoyed all the pictures.

    I miss Canada and the beauty of the Christmas season.

    Best wishes to all of you, Lilly

  98. This was harder than I expected. So I am going to follow my instincts and vote for Country Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  99. I vote for “Tree Hugger” from Pawtucket, R.I. Absolutely adorable – the little boy and the tree!

  100. oh, these photos warm my insides and fill me with nostalgia.

    being from texas, my favorite is most definitely “All Dressed Up — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”…
    many thanks for hosting this J!

  101. I have to go with the Pot of Gold!

  102. weenie and the wee man is my favortie!
    i love the little drawing and the puppy’s dance is so sweet!
    🙂 merry christmas!

  103. Great photos!! Aside from my own (ahem) ;), I would have to say “Baby’s First Christmas” is my favorite. Very hard to choose!!

  104. Linda O'Connell says:

    I vote for “Tree Hugger” Pawtucket, R.I. Just adorable – the little boy and his tree!

  105. Fabulous photos, everyone! My vote is for “You can almost see the Halo”.

    Thanks Jillian and RW!

  106. simone marie says:

    Okay, I have decided……
    Omy Gosh, that was hard…. Because they are all so good!

    Baby’s first Christmas.

    Thank you for this, and Merry Christmas Lady Plume and Family!!

  107. country Christmas

  108. I vote for Baby’s first Christmas!! So original!! But, they are all wonderful :).

  109. I love this contest! Always gets me in the spirit. I really love “Ugly Mug…”

    Good luck to all!

  110. Oh goodness…can’t I vote for them all?
    Babes and Crackers and BC because I miss everyone in those pictures. The Ten Footer because that is the tree I dream of being able to have one day…and the beautiful bay window to put it in.

    But I think Baby’s First Christmas gets my vote…such an original idea and it made me laugh.

    Thank you for all the work putting this together. It is lovely to see Christmas reinterpreted through the eyes (or lenses rather) of people around the world.

  111. What a lovely Christmas present to us — thank you for that. Warmed my heart.

    And I just loved “A Tale of Christmas Trimmings,” Richmond, VA.

  112. It’s impossible for me to choose… the pics, in their entirety, made me smile. I love your readers, for sure. I’m going to go back and look at all of them, again!

  113. I need to cast my vote for ‘eyes all aglow’…catching the magic of a first Christmas

  114. I vote for my little cousin, in their eyes are a glow

  115. I most definitely am voting for with their eyes all aglow 🙂

  116. first time at your blog and a lovely tree contest to ooh and aah over…my fav is LINUS – love the kitten in the tree! Happy New Year!!

  117. Wrapped in Light gets my vote for best photo, but I love the kitten in the tree too!

  118. Maxine Peesker says:

    Voting for “With Their Eyes All A Glow” Sweet little girl!

  119. Baby’s 1st Christmas in Spokane. So simple, so Christmas-y, love it! Wrapped in lights is my runner up, love that glowing baby skin illuminated by white lights.

  120. mashed potatoes says:

    Mistletoe Threshold to the Christmas Tree — Boston, MA

  121. So many fantastic photos, but I really enjoyed “Christmas in the Cube — Portland, OR.”

  122. becky miller says:

    “All Dressed Up”
    I just love buttons! and succulents…
    Thanks for the awesome photos:)

  123. Hmm… tricky tricky… but I love Baby’s First Christmas. That big tree is a MOTHER of all trees!

  124. “Baby’s First Christmas”

  125. Beautiful, festive images by all! “Country Christmas” is my favorite.

  126. My vote is for Knitting by Treelight. Thanks for having this lovely contest!

  127. Steph in Oregon says:

    What beautiful and creative images!
    My vote is for Baby’s First Christmas.

    Thank you, Jillian and RW, for this enchanting tradition.

  128. “Baby’s First Christmas” gets my vote. Thanks for the lovely contest. All the best in the new year!

  129. Shaloha! So pretty.

  130. Three Paws says:

    I vote for Baby’s First Christmas– home of the greatest singer in the world, Myles Kennedy/Alter Bridge (Spokane, Washington)

  131. my vote is for “all Dressed Up”! cutest tree ever and proud of her buttons. also, i was born in Edmonton and once ate part of my mom’s jade plant there as a toddler :p

    i also love “Bathed In Light”, amazing photo in challenging light!

    and the owl on the Portland Tree 🙂


  1. […] also meant to add here that I chose to do the Advent Calendar this year instead of the usual Christmas Tree Photo Contest I host on my blog.  I feel a bit badly that we won’t be doing the photo contest this year […]

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