Winter Spoons: A Giftaway

[Winter Spoons: copper & enamel]

I’ve been making spoons again.  Remember last winter, when I was making spoons?  Boy, was I ever a fool for the flatware.  I still am.  I made three Winter Spoons recently to giveaway over at my friend’s blog based Advent calendar.  You should pop over and enter your name in the drawing for them.  Vibeke, the Advent calendar host, brings nothing but light, love, grace and mercy to the world around her.  She has the soul of a Saint.  I’m very blessed to call her a personal friend.  These are the first spoons, rather, the first objects I have crafted and offered the world!  I’m delighted.  Head on over to read what I have to say about them, and to be blessed by all the wonderful artists Vibeke has featured this month.


I also meant to add here that I chose to do the Advent Calendar this year instead of the usual Christmas Tree Photo Contest I host here on my blog.  I feel a bit badly that we won’t be doing the photo contest this year but there’s always next year!  Thanks to anyone who has written and inquired about it.  I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm so very much.  XX


  1. Hi
    I find your web site accidently.Your art is inspirational and the spoons are Sweetest Spon Eveeeeer!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your Great Talent!

  2. God these are gorgeous. I love them. My mum would love them. We would sit and stir and stir our tea as we talked the day away. Beautiful…and what an amazing gift to give away.

    Happiest of holidays to you. (And don’t feel bad about the Christmas Tree contest. It’ll just mean twice as many entries next time!)


  3. The picture of you holding out the spoons is quite adorable. You are radiating love, joy and such obvious delight…it makes me smile.

  4. Merry and Bright!


  5. Once again, you beauty… I’m in awe.
    Who taught you such enameling/crafting genius? What planet are you from.. like, really?!! ha!
    Ok, but seriously… do you make your own enamels/glazes? They are eye-candy every time.
    Thanks for the sweet, generous, gift-away.. here’s hoping I can finally have a piece of Plume-spoon! 😉
    Merry merry festivious Christmas to you bright soul.
    needle and nest design

    • Well, silly! I taught myself! 🙂
      I don’t make my own enamels. I buy them in whatever size I need them. Thanks for being such a lovely lady, all the time.

      • ..”taught yourself” eh? Of course you did.
        Why, if I wasn’t all married with children I’d drop everything and pilgrimage your way to apprentice under you!! 🙂

  6. Alas, I have already won a treasure (treasure, I tell you!) from sweet V’s blog, otherwise I would enter my name in a hummingbird heartbeat.
    Great work lady, most merry and bright holiday to you.
    Much love.

  7. those are fantastic – so very generous of you. i will head right over (and besides, i’m a sucker for anyone named Vibeke, which is my mother’s name and she’s the only one i’ve met in real life).

  8. ahhhhh … i have certainly never seen such beautiful spoons. ♥

  9. ….those spoons again….all lichen and middle earth and elf….

    you sweetie-sweetie….another giftaway.


  10. I love these! they are so unique and gorgeous!

  11. ❤❤❤

  12. Oh My God, I cant stand it, I must have these, what beauties, your talent is mind blowing!

  13. hmmmm….I have not a clue what an ‘advent calendar’ is…..
    but I DO know that these are just fabulous!….someone is going to be able to sip some extra gorgeous tea with them!

  14. LUUV the spoons xxx

  15. The spoons are fantastic. I will be entering the give-away. I found your blog a few months ago and fell in love. I was waiting for the plum jam to make an appearance, but this is just as nice! Happy Solstice!

  16. My poor children would grow up neglected as I could just never leave my house if I had these spoons! I would spend my days stirring my tea, eating biscotti and staring at these awesome, wonderful and enchanting spoons. Also, you are killing me! The Babe in the Moon Ring? Really, I swooned. But my tiny child like hands are a size 6! Damn you hands!

  17. Hey look, two Laura’s posted! For some reason I just thought that was cool, but a wee bit of a dork.

  18. Your spoons are beautiful, just like your jewelry. Thank you for sharing the outdoor wilderness with us! I like the way you describe and photograph everything.

  19. Holy WOW Jillian these are utterly beautiful and enchanting! And the northern lights seem to have been captured in these spoon-beauties as well : )
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world in your creations and words this past year – such a blessing! xx

  20. Those spoons are so cool!!!

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