I've been an independent, full-time metalsmith for over eleven years. I find the most fulfillment in creating one of a kind narrative pieces but I also create limited production runs of certain designs -- my work is available through my online shop. For a broader look at the full spectrum of my work as far back as 2007 (when I had just one hammer and a big dream) please proceed to the SOLD section of my Etsy shop.

It's taken me over a decade of my life to develop a strong voice that is truly my own in this medium, and that voice continues to grow and change and develop over time. My jewelry designs are directly influenced by my faith, my time out on the land, my connection to life and death cycles through hunting and fishing and growing my own food and farming, my horses, the high desert landscape and the rhythms of my daily life. My work is truly the sum of my life.

My work is:
+Of The West+