I have been an independent silversmith for nine years. I create one of a kind pieces as well as tiny, easily exhausted production lines.

For a broader look at the full spectrum of my work as far back as 2007, when I had just one hammer and a big dream, please proceed to the SOLD section of my Etsy shop.

I believe in small business. I believe small business is good for our communities, our country and the planet. I believe in beginning with a dream, starting small and folding profit back into business as needs arise and skills develop. I believe in working from a place of conviction, with passion and intensity. I believe in not being afraid to fail. I make things that are meaningful to me, and sometimes those objects and the spirit in which they were crafted resonate with you — I am grateful when you claim those objects for yourselves. My success has not been the result of luck, though at times I have been lucky. My success is the result of hard work and dedication. This is how I have built The Noisy Plume. Thank you for being a part of it all.