Diana Ring

To dwell in the high country and in the sacred woods!

I’ve had this series half-on and half-off the bench for the better part of six months.  With the hunting season fast approaching, I decided to finish this prototype today.  This is the Diana Ring, as in Diana the Huntress (also known as Artemis).  It features a bi-layer design in heavy sterling that depicts a bull elk wreathed by nimbus and a broken arrow.  I’m looking forward to making a few more of these and perfecting the design.


+The Sun+

+The Moon+

+The Hunt+ 


  1. Oh, I really love this one! Thanks for the peek at this beauty at this stage in the game.

  2. perfect for this season of your life.

  3. Boy do I love your rings.

  4. Fantastic! I am getting ready to head to Wyoming in the next couple of weeks. Cannot wait to hear the bugle of the elk. Wyoming fills my spirit up each September. I would love this ring.

  5. i just yesterday i had a conversation with a friend about naming dogs….Said if i get a female GSP I would name her Diana. Seems just right for a my huntress…. Beautiful ring…great name.

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