A Roundup!

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IMG_9056IMG_9199IMG_5049 IMG_5069Lately, it feels a little like everyone owns me — and that’s ok.  There are times to work and times to play; right now, I’m working really, tremendously hard.  I am working my hardest.  I love being able to say that!  I value hard work so much.  It’s like diesel in a big truck — it will take you places!

As of tomorrow afternoon, I will have all current projects finished and will be ready to begin fresh on some new things both with my camera and in the studio.  Yes!  The studio!  I am hanging on to every last second I have in there and will not begin to break it down and pack it up until Rob arrives home from Washington on Friday — and even then, while packing, I’m going to be singing a joyful song because I get to go with him this summer and that’s the only thing that really matters to me right now.

Meanwhile, it is 9:37PM and I have the kettle on the stove; I’m about to make a french press, it’s going to be a long night.

Life has been more full than usual lately.  I suppose I am adjusting to Robert’s current absence, an inundation of work, a continuously growing property that needs to be snipped, clipped, pruned and mowed, three neurotic dogs that require my constant attention…the list goes on and on but to be frank, I wouldn’t have any other list.  I mean, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Even on the most overwhelming days, help comes to me in mysterious ways (thank you for mowing my lawn today, Griffon) and I know I’m being taken care of, no matter how much I say yes to, no matter how much I take on.

I think of you all so often and cannot wait to resume a more regular schedule here of sharing and interaction.

Until then,

The Plume



  1. Hams! Hearts! Babes! Beauty! Bliss! Thank you for taking the time to share with us! (I feel you on the belonging to others- except instead of many my days are now ruled by one wee little lady.) XO Happy work and adventures!

  2. Colleen Stewart says:

    Your blog and Instagram are both favorites of mine! I love your love for life! Your photos are spectacular 🙂 One of these days I’m going to catch one of your etsy sales and grab something beautiful! I seem to just miss out and everything is gone…;) xx

  3. Love these photos. I love seeing you get a little bit goofy! We don’t see those photos all the time and they are my favorites.

    I know your heart is racing faster each day Robert is closer to coming home. It’s going to be so wonderful for you two to be together for such a length of time! Godspeed his homecoming 🙂

    your dog photos are always the best. You are such a great team together.

    • I’m happy to hear you say that thing about the goofiness. I’m actually a very dorky/silly person but I always look a little serious in my photos. Being out, alone, makes me a little introspective. Around my tribe, I thrive on making people laugh and pride myself on saying some truly outrageous things. Most people are a little surprised when they meet me face to face and they find out just how wild I am. 🙂 I catch them off guard! Which…is something else I thrive on. HA!

      He’s supposed to be home tomorrow night! I can’t wait to see him.


  4. Beautiful post, again, (sheesh) just kidding Chica! it a a great post my friend…and don’t apologize for living life to the fullest…that’s what you are meant to do in life…take it by the horns….. And if I remember correctly, your blog header is a beautiful Jillian with horns…so, I think you’ve got this living life thing figured out. Haha

    You are truer than true….and you are youer than you…have an awesome week in the studio…make us something grand! Hinty hinty hint!

  5. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    Beautiful Post! (Ahhhh – my lovely Tetons!) Hard work and busy-ness really are the fuel that takes you to grand places and adventures and you deserve every one of them. The new things coming and more time with Robert are going to be fabulous. Take care of you, and we will all be here, cheering you on! 🙂

    • I agree. I thrive on hard work and appreciate every step forward in life, every new tool acquired, every little achievement (no matter how tiny or huge). It’s a blast. I have never found myself wishing I had been born with a silver spoon. Know what I mean?

      Love having you here, doll face. X

  6. a visual feast! Jade’s Dalmatian pup always plucks my heartstrings, I do miss my Brodie so. however, my heart and home have been filled with those that needed us! here’s wishing you a satisfying series of studio sessions, a smooth packing up and joyous move, and the unfolding of new dreams with each step you take in this bold adventure! xoxo

    • Inga is such a sweet girl. My boys are so crazy, and Penelope thinks she’s a GSP so she’s crazy too…it’s nice to be around a quite little girl dog who just lays around and looks pretty on a regular basis!!! HA HA HA! I love her. Dalmatians are a pretty interesting breed.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I need every one you send my way these days!!! XX

  7. loving you wild woman
    where ever you are at!

    love and light

  8. love that photo of you giving farley “the eye”….

    so much colour and beauty and joy and activity.

    and, SO glad you will be with robert this summer….


  9. I wish my son and I had fox hats like that so we could dance around like little wild things. (you may ask which one of us is the actual kid) 😉 Your springtime adventures make me excited for the summertime adventures.

    • My springtime adventures make me excited for my summertime adventures, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to keep June, July and August as open as possible so I can put some hours into this space and the studio but you know how things are…people start making plans and then I wind up being a part of them! 🙂 Have a blessed May!

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing your summertime home again – all the green! What joy that you get to be with your hubs this summer! Happy packing and safe travelling! (Is Farley well?)

    • I’m looking forward to the North Cascades, too.

      Farley is as good as can be. The vet thinks he is in early stages of bone marrow cancer but she’s also a little mystified since he doesn’t at all seem like a dog who has cancer (he doesn’t act other than himself and doesn’t seem to be in any pain). So we’re just keeping on keeping on with the addition of fish oils to his diet and a probiotic boost once a month. I’m just loving him as well as I can while I have him. Thanks for asking about him! I sure appreciate it.

  11. nathalie says:

    Again and again those photographs…I will never ever get tired of them. I wish you a gorgeous summer + your love one and i wish us more photographs, jewelery, posts…god i love your blog!

  12. Live, breathe, repeat. Enjoy that wild life, woman!

  13. Genie Bragg says:

    Soooo….is it weird that I look through your old posts and flickr pics when you are out traveling and I miss tales from the Great West. #feelinglikeastalker #myeyesmissyourwork

    • Are you kidding?!! I love that you do that! It makes me feel appreciated. I look forward to the time I can put more energy into this space again. Until then, thank you so much for being a part of my world. XX

  14. Miss you! So happy to see you in all your glory! As always, just love your gorgeous photos and stories. XX

  15. Lauran V says:

    You bless the world with everything you write, photograph, and create. I am able to see things I would never have seen because of you. Thank You! L

  16. Gorgeous!!! I searched for Bella Grace at my local bookstore, and sigh, they are no longer getting it in stock. I am looking to subscribe, but want back issues with your work in it. Will you be in future issues too? xoxo

    • You know, I think you can buy back issues directly from their website. Go to Stampington.com and find your way to Bella Grace. I have been in all of the issues so far:) I am also featured in their jewelry magazine this summer — the interview/write up for that article is very well done and I think you’ll enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

  17. i simply can’t get enough of these photos! i keep coming back here to enjoy them again and again….and again..they make me happy : )

    be well precious friend

  18. NOW THAT is an epic round-up! Always loving your pictures, your life, your wild side. Happy Spring, darling!

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