Bog Water Be Darned

[A reminder that all broken things, even we, have a purpose and a beautiful, divine destiny: sterling silver, 23 karat gold, jade & wild bird egg shell]

Did I tell you about the beautiful little nest RW found me, months ago, while we were up at Tiffany Lake with friends?  Well.  He found a beautiful little nest in the marsh there and said, “Jillian!  I have a present for you!”  He’s just so tremendous about bringing me dead things and bones and antlers and shards of remains that he finds when he’s out hunting or away on fires.  He knows I like to honor the remaining bits in some way or another and he knows that nothing tickles me more than a handful of feathers, baby animals or chicks in nests.  He’s a woodsman and is so talented at finding these very sorts of things.  As I was saying, he  called me over to where he was standing and told me to look around very closely.  So I did.  Within seconds my eyes had located the perfect little ground nest, in a tuft of raised grass, directly above the bog water my toes were sinking into (it was terribly cold bog water, my toes were so frozen they were itchy) and I screamed.  I couldn’t help it!  The nest held four beautiful little speckled eggs and they were utter perfection.  Perfection!  I couldn’t stand it!  I folded down to my knees — bog water be darned — to take a closer look and our friend’s dog promptly ran over and squashed the nest beneath her feet (oh woe was me, I nearly cried).  Two eggs survived.  Two eggs were destroyed.  I carefully collected what I could of the broken egg shells and said aloud, “I will do something with these.

And so, now I have.


  1. you rock!

    and make me smile….

    love and light

  2. I love your creation- just breath- taking!! Catching up with your blog and thrilled to know the Airstream is up with you- awesome!! What you’ve written about RW- just wonderful!! And happy fall as it sluices in…:) xoxo

  3. You’ve honored the loveliness of the shells quite beautifully! Really, you never fail to inspire me!

  4. Lovely neck sculpture!!!!! Also, you seem to have some janglies in your hair…they are FABULOUS!

  5. WELL I NEVER!! The imagination behind your creations boggles (sorry) my mind!! What a sweet and funny story, too! Lovin’ your long decorated braid. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. What a story! I was there with you my toes freezing 😀
    I send you bright autumn days from Finland!

  7. indeed.

    [sheesh. could i love you and robert any more than i already do?? my heart is bursting….]

  8. Once again, as Shawn Colvin says to Joni, “You master, me slave.” I have such a long way to go! Love this series!

  9. I’m so glad you were able to make something so incredible out of that sad misfortune. When I showed Ryley the necklace she almost howled with delight!!

  10. AHHHHH. My sister from another mother. Hey I am starting my drive back down south to America next weekend. It will take me about 5 days to get through Canada and then I am headed your way. Hopefully Rob will be back and I can see you both. Good things are happening in life and we have a lot to catch up on. See you soon.
    P.s. I will call you next week to get directions to the mountain on which you are currently residing.

    • Sam, my brother. [By the way, maybe it should be “sister from another mister”???]
      Cannot wait to see you.
      Let me know when you’re coming in, you’ll need a bit of help finding the cabin and I should probably run down into town and meet you at your rig.

      “Good things are happening in life…”??? Alright, who’s the new girl?
      Hee hee hee!! Can’t wait to hear about AK!

      This is one of my favorite times of year — REUNION TIME!
      See you soon!


  11. you are a walking breathing gem, shell, twig, bone…all things of natural beauty.
    that’s you.

  12. I do believe that you are a fairy, blown in on a wisp of wind…

  13. Well! Bless your beautiful hides!!! xx

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