Tithes and Offerings

This is what I have.
I give it to you.
Is it enough?

[sterling, 14 karat gold, pearls, labradorite]
100% handcrafted.
All things delicate and heavy.

Today when I finally fell into work in the studio I had to set all projects aside and simply create from my heart for a bit.  This necklace is a result of 100% improvisation.  I didn’t plan the design.  I didn’t sketch anything.  I didn’t take any measurements.  I just wanted to pour myself into the metal, stone and flame and eventually see a result.  I didn’t imagine this necklace would turn out this way, so ethereal, so heavy, so musical, so light, so SO so organic.  When I look at it, I think to myself:

Of course this is the way it turned out.
This necklace is a direct representation of where you are at in this exact moment.
It was created without intention without a direct plan.
It was created with arbitrary movements, flames swinging in graceful arcs, hammer strikes, fusion, small welds…
It looks like the inside of your pockets.
It looks like the inside of your mind.
It looks like the inside of your heart.
Bric-a-brac, thumb tack, tithes, offerings, flight, discomfort, sadness, belief, truth, reactions, revelations,
stream of consciousness, 
stream of sterling…

I love improvisational work, nothing feels freer or truer.
It can be hard to let go, to be free, to be true.
This kind of work is a purge, a release of all those things I’ve been squeezing tight in my fists.
Sometimes I fear what will show itself. 
Occasionally I scare myself.
But it’s the purest offering I can give;
in the end it’s the best way I know how to say thanks;
a careful unveiling and and then
to stand
in the light.


  1. VisionQuest says:

    oh. ohhhhh. OHH my gosh!!!!!

    best… ever…

  2. Stunningly breathtaking.

    How many times have I uttered these words when seeing a new creation from you lovely Jillian. I hope to utter them often in the future.



  3. Very nice!
    I think this is the best way to create!

  4. dailycoyote says:

    LOVE IT.

  5. resolute twig says:

    This is beautiful.

    I love that it came from you in such an organic way.

  6. mme. bookling says:

    A stunning display of your talents…both in sterling and wordsmithery.

  7. When pooled on the table, it looked a little like chains. To me, this has a little of the dark in it, and a lot of the fairy world. Evocative and very lovely.

  8. indigorhino says:

    Sinister and serene all at once! And, per usual, splendid!

  9. breathtakingly earthy, natural, honest

  10. Lorena, sometimes... says:

    drops of magic!

  11. The Noisy Plume: says:

    Thank you, so much, for taking the time to write these thoughts down, sweet ladies!

    Love you for it.

  12. Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore says:

    such a offering. it breathes of spontaneity and freeness 🙂

    a scary and adventurous way to approach the studio:

    o p e n m i n d e d


  13. Gabriela Hughes says:

    Jillian, this necklace is awesome, it's incredible!! This is your way, the way you can be yourself. Thank you (one more time) to show me it's possible!!!
    Have a great day!!
    My best wishes

  14. Kirra Springs says:

    I just love this – so full of feeling! thank you for sharing with us once more

  15. This I do believe is one of my favorites! Just wonderful!

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