Around Here

7I9A70617I9A7912 7I9A79077I9A7079 7I9A70837I9A70977I9A7203 7I9A7235 7I9A7286 7I9A72977I9A71787I9A7830 7I9A78627I9A8146 7I9A8148 7I9A8152 7I9A81577I9A80877I9A79397I9A6638 7I9A6680 7I9A6737 7I9A6759It’s difficult to believe that it’s only been winter for a couple of days (officially).  The times here are finally quiet with a sense of steadiness and lack of rushing, which is how I always think the end of the year should play out.

Quiet.  Introspective.  Cold.  Steady.  Restful.

Before all things begin anew.



“…Remember the sun’s birth at dawn, that is

the strongest point of time…”

[Joy Harjo]
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Queen of the River

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How could I not be inspired by this place?

I remember when I wrote in my journal a few years ago, while rafting and fishing the Green River of Utah with Robert, that I dreamed of living right on a big river in the interior West someday.  I dreamed of waking up and falling asleep to the roar of it.  That day is finally here and I cannot tell you how deeply I am cherishing every moment — every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every change in light, every clear sky, every cloud, every moonset, every sunrise.

It has turned cold.  Finally.  Last night, at nearly midnight, I asked Robert to walk down the driveway with me to the main road, a distance of a half mile or so, just to hear the water raging against the night, to see the mist billowing, to feel my face sting in the cold and to sense the stars chiming on the ends of their anchors.  It’s my favorite time of year now.

I always say that my job as a photographer is to simply discover, reveal and exploit the beauty of a place, person or object.  I’m doing that here, now.  It’s good work.

In the studio, everything has feathers or is feathers.  I’ve gone bird crazy.  I’m simply making what I’m seeing (sometimes design is as simple as that).  I live on a big river in the high desert and this place is brimming and bubbling with every kind of bird you can imagine (almost) and the waterfowl are just beginning to really emerge including the swans.  Swans!!!

I love the swans.

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