Some things may come and go but I think my inspirations are always going to revolve around these things:

Idaho & New Mexico

Catholicism (more specifically liturgy and icons, more specifically than that —> Mary/Virgin of Guadalupe/doves/flames/hearts)

Antique Mexican Jewelry

1930s – 1960s Native American Jewelry

High Desert Light (high desert everything)


Mortality vs Immortality (life and death cycles and energy transference) —>bones —>wildflowers—>ethers

American Country Culture (cowboys and indians, steel guitar, trucks, boots, bandanas, horses, dust, grit, rodeo, love and stars and heartbreak and freedom)


For years I’ve resisted referring to my jewelry style as “Western” but I think it’s safe to say I make Western jewelry.  When I say it is “Of The West” I am talking about a spirit, not a specific look.  I feel the same about my photography efforts.  I shoot the West, my interests lay in capturing the West, so my pictures are of the West.

I heard an interview with John Denver once and he spoke of how his music is classified as “country” but he has never felt like a country music musician.  Instead, he called his music “western” because he was singing of the people and the land of the West.  That portion of his interview really resonated with me as I feel most of my work could be seen in the same light.  Also, just so we’re clear, I really adore John Denver, I am listening to him on vinyl as I write this and it’s beautiful.


I found myself with a clear studio bench this week, for the first time in months (maybe years) and I decided to let myself play, to take hours to sketch and draw and fiddle with shapes and forms and to build a few things off the cuff, to not worry too much about perfection and straight lines, rather to allow myself to color outside of the lines and wing it.  The result is some reimagined settings for motifs I’ve been working with for years.  Rustic statement pieces that hold a splash of the mystic.  This is my love for the high deserts of New Mexico and Idaho rising up out of me and a dash of Catholic iconography mixed in with my simple, hayseed heart.

This is:

+Of The West+

Variations on the Uplifted Necklace — similar configurations with turquoise instead of chalcedony.  LOVE that guy in the center with the bi-layer concho-esque connector component.  Actually, I loved that concho style piece so much, I made a necklace and ring set.  I don’t know why it’s taken me ELEVEN years at the bench to finally make a matched set of jewelry…

I am planning on updating my shop on August 8 at 1PM (Mountain Time Zone).  I hope to see you there!


Uplifted Necklaces in sterling and chalcedony with wonderful little rosary-esque connectors and delightfully dimensional birds in flight…because I never take my wild without a dash of the holy.

+Of The West+

Save Our Souls

To be frank, I made these rings for me, rather I made one of them for me.  I was looking to have a little ring I can wear backcountry or when I am working with my hands in the garden or around the farm — something meaningful but dainty that can serve as a wedding ring replacement (my wedding ring is uber fancy and has no right being backcountry or wrangling hand lines in the hay field) — and this is what I wound up with.  I’ve named this series “SOS” as in SAVE OUR SOULS.  You can glean whatever meaning or symbolism you want from the name, because once a piece of jewelry is yours it’s all yours to attach meanings to and feelings to and those meanings and feelings can be in line with what the maker intended or totally different.  That’s one of the best things about art, sometimes these things come with a spirit of their own and sometimes the way we receive art IS the spirit of the object or music or painting…

But I digress.  For me, this little ring design features the cross symbol I have been incorporating into my designs for over a year now and it’s all about healing, receiving, and the very Holy Spirit of God I draw near to when I am outside in these landscapes I love.  I often say it’s going outdoors and connecting ourselves to the land, the wind, the lakes and rivers that will save our souls and by that I mean, it’s not those elements that actually save us, but the healing thrum of creation and the abounding presence the Creator we can tangibly feel that stitches us up and makes us whole again.  I go out to run, to hike, to hunt, to fish, to swim, to row, to paddle, to sit quietly, to shout my joy, to weep, to break down, to be built back up again and it saves my soul.


I am going to try to have these rings listed in the shop for you tomorrow morning at 9AM (mountain time zone — please remember to refresh my shop page at exactly 9AM) — sorry for a Saturday morning shop update, it’s the time I have to do the update and time is love, lately.

Sizes run from 5.5-10 and I have 22 rings.


I have a few other rings made that feature chrysoprase and agates but I can’t make time to photograph them and build listings until next week.  So hang tight for those!  They’ll be made available at a later date.