The moonset over the rimrock this morning.  I hope you saw it, too.


  1. i’m thinking i should’ve grabbed mister jones’s fancy new camera, but i’m happy to say i lived in the moment and captured my own little images by eye, tucking them into my heart.

    your photo is breathtaking……

  2. GORGEOUS, J!!!! I don’t know if I’d be able to sleep if I lived where you live(!), how you can contain such joy and keep from levitating away is a testimony to your beautiful integrity. Love you utterly, heart & soul XO. ~B

  3. Laura Hunter says:

    Very nice photo. it was a magical morning watching the eclipse wink in and out of the clouds in the Flathead.

  4. Nathalie Carles says:

    Really beautiful! the moon was under a layer of clouds here in south BC… a lot of people all over took pictures and yours is one of the gorgeous ones, so thank you!

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