Wreath Meister

I believe the best way to decorate for Christmas (and for anything and everything else, too), is to go out into my habitat and simply collect what catches my eye.  To open my gaze to the sleepy, delicate textures of wintering plants.  To pick them carefully, one by one.  To bring those things home and translate them into cohesive beauty.  All it costs me is some of my time and the glory of elevated senses as I hunt for the bits and pieces I need to create.

This is my high desert wreath for the year, made from plants and brambles and brush I collected on the walk down to the river from the farm.  I found the sheds here, too, last winter while running the rim rock on the mesa.  To bring my outdoor home into my indoor nest is one of my greatest pleasures in life.


  1. “Dock tall and brown, the brambles brown, and whatever else she has found, its Christmas in the Desert….”

    (I’ve had Christmas in Killarny stuck in my head ALLLLLLLLLL day.)


  2. OHHHHH!! The colors + textures of the high dez will always be home for me!! Gorgeous!

    • I know. I know. I love the coastal green and the peppery palate of the ponderosa and fir forests but it’s the muted tones of the sage and the doc and the surprises of the high desert that really hold my heart chroma captivated.

  3. daniel nemnich says:

    Jillian, It was a pleasure to meet you and your horse last night out on Serenity lane. We look forward to getting to know you and your husband.


  4. Your indoor nest must be gorgeous. Have a very merry Christmas, Miss Plume.

  5. Katherine O'Brien says:

    Perfection. I love this and love the winter months.

  6. Oh what a beautiful wreath!!! I do the same but where I live (West Coast BC) nature is so different so my wreath are sooooo green…..yours is really really pretty and unusual. Happy holidays happy Christmas happy everything!!!

  7. Merry Christmas, J! And a most Happy Christmas also to Rob, and all your cohabitants of various species.
    That wreath is a beauty! I love your idea of bringing one’s outdoor regional habitat in. I think here in New England I’ll find dark conifer greens to contrast with brown and rust and the pale soft cream of tall grasses.
    Cheers amd Love,

  8. your bright chroma colours contrast nicely with the wintering plants you have bundled and wreathed. good job.

  9. Jen Murray-Szarvas says:

    I actually gasped out loud! That is such beautiful work, you can actually see the Joy in it. Merry Christmas Jillian!!

  10. Oh wow…is there anything that you can’t do?? :)) Gorgeous, pure and simple.
    Merry Christmas!

    Laura 😊

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