to everything
a beauty
sharp as knives
when i turn my eyes upon it
it cuts to my marrow
bisects my soul
i knew this place
was lovely
at first sight
now it fills me with quiet longing
to know it better
to have a place there
in the sage
and wind
like everything else
four legged and winged


  1. the onlyhurricanegirl says:


  2. Yes! Just how I feel about the West.

  3. The moon was so bright and made everything glow in the dark, it was very beautiful and your pictures reflect exactly what it looked like (except I live by the ocean so the reflection of the moon on the ocean was magical). Very beautiful and you sound more and more happy as time goes by, very nice.

  4. Beautiful shots, love your blog!

    Laura 🙂

  5. your poetry.
    that last photo.
    those colours.

  6. I keep coming back to these pictures. I can almost smell the cold and the sage in the deer picture. I could always smell when it was hunting season when we lived out west. The air was crisper and carried scents that were alive, though all the plants were busy dying. I love the moon pictures and the wild expansiveness of it all.

  7. These photos evoke vintage postcards from the west. The kind that make you long for the land even as you stand on it.

    • They do! I agree. I found a little store in West Yellowstone this past summer that had a big selection of vintage postcards — all imagery taken in the West — from the time when they used to PAINT pictures in order to enhance them. They were fifty cents each. I was in heaven.

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