1. the onlyhurricanegirl says:

    Girl, I needed this today! Thank You!!

  2. J!!
    I always get excited when you post anew & right now my cells are squealing in delight(!!!) OH THIS DIVINE MEDICINE XOXOXOXOOXOX Infinite thank yous for this, for your sharing, for the integral light that remains unconditional. I love you endlessly. & Tater Tot is a *ROCK STAR*


  3. P.S. You studio is beautiful!!! & I really like in the video when the silver chain is unspooling and it blends into the fishing reel and line, really nice. Gorgeous video, I’m smiling so huge right now I know there’s light shining on you from the short-grass prairie of northeastern NM. Love unspooling forevermore…..XOXOXOXO

  4. Beautiful! Jillian!

    Soulful and true,so relatable.

    The divine energy in which you exist, in which we all exist.

    That imagery! Awwwwwww.

    Thank you!

    Namaste’ friend Namaste’

  5. Chris Moore says:

    I have been reading your blog for years, it has always been intimate. But this is the first time hearing your voice! It adds another dimension!

  6. This speaks to my heart. Your words are perfect for me right now. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us. Much love to you!

  7. THIS!!!
    Thank you, from my soul to yours.
    Sherri from Canada

  8. You are such an inspiration

  9. Katherine O'Brien says:

    You are amazing! Beautiful images and beautiful words from a beautiful soul!

  10. This is great! Thank you for sharing a little piece of your world. Is that your amazing farm?

  11. YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! All your spaces (Indoor, out, and your head space too!!) are BEAOOOOOUTIFUL. XO!!

  12. Stunning!! My heart burst wide open!! My ears still ringing from the ancient echo of your words.. Love your wild and beautiful soul Xx!!

  13. So wonderful!!! You were paraphrasing my current mantra: Nature heals. Lovely little video, Mz. Plume!!

  14. Hello my special friend – it has been a while but you just keep getting better. Sending love your way XXOO

  15. suzette leclerc says:

    What a beautiful video! You are living a dream.

  16. Oh my gosh — beautiful! Love our west!

  17. Beautiful video Jillian, thanks for sharing – nice to hear what you sound like – I feel like I just visited you at your home!

  18. Wow, I needed this today. Truly lovely and speaks to me. Thank you.

  19. Oh Jillian, this is beautiful. I’m so happy to see this shared with the world!!

  20. Loved hearing your voice 🙂 So, so beautiful…sigh*

  21. Ah! You my friend are amazing, I could listen to you all
    day, you are still my biggest inspiration to this day Jillian, just amazing;)

  22. truly truly wonderful.
    you did well.
    and so did the filmographers.
    [so glad a couple of your pack made the cut, as well….!]

  23. really really well done.
    really really well said.
    your story shares with me why I too could benefit from the wild, and why I should care.
    Beautiful, Jillian. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    instagram: haleighs_garden

  24. Beautiful Jillian! So nice to hear your voice:-) Thank you for sharing.

  25. Breathtaking! 🙏🏻

  26. Exquisite…the voice, the thought, the images. You sound exactly how I imagined. Somewhere between soft and loud…sensitive and strong.

  27. Exquisite. Beautiful.

  28. XOXOXO. You are so beautifully and magnificently YOU!

  29. Eileen T Weigand says:

    Will you look at that!!How cool is this?? Love every heartfelt moment of this!! Xoxo


    Thank you so much for taking the time to swing by and watch this little film. More than anything, I hoped it would connect us more as humans (heart to heart, soul to soul) and I hope you feel it did that. Thanks to each one of you for taking a moment to leave a comment, too. It’s deeply appreciated.

    Love to have you in my world.


  31. Runwildtiff says:

    I think there is something so fascinating about a person so humble, yet so grande. Your words run wild and free like your beloved river that runs through the wilds of the high desert.
    I wish I could express myself like you do. The gift to be able to make others feel the emotion you feel when you are out on the land. What a gift!
    Your voice!! So good. Thank-you.

  32. Jillian! Oh my goodness…I came to this place to get all caught up and found this video. Your ‘voice’..the beauty of the sound, images, work, you. I love it!! xoxo

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