A simple, unadorned key turned the gears of a rusty lock and I felt heavy shackles fall from my heart. The strongest chains of all are the chains we create for ourselves.

 Truth is found in the moment we are able to be honest with ourselves. What is true of me?

This I confess: I’m a beautiful, twinkling and precious piece of junk (and sometimes the junky part of me is my fault and sometimes it’s not my fault) but I’m working diligently on eliminating the “junk” part of this statement.  In the meanwhile, the most difficult thing of all is being merciful to myself, being kind to myself in the face of all my jagged flaws.  Taking my lessons from and then letting go of all the moments I wish I would have done things a different way.  To groan under the weight of learning, to tack the lessons to the walls of my heart (so they don’t blow away), to move forward — always.

I often think about how incredible our world would be if we all tried our hardest to do our very best every moment of every day. Perhaps this notion is idealistic and hyper-simplified but I’m not sure being human is terribly complicated.

Show up.  Work hard.  Be honest.  Choose to care as much as you can.

And so, be free.


Pertaining to this topic and worthy of mention:

I’ve probably listened to this interview 20 times.  I play it when I want to feel inspired and when I want to believe I can change the world by simply changing what needs changing in my own heart and life.