Old Fashioned Summer Holiday

Just as long as I’m with you, babe.


  1. Dang, that range!

  2. the onlyhurricanegirl says:

    That’s what it’s all about, Beautiful life!!

  3. I’ve missed your photo reportages. They always transport me. We went on a good old-fashioned road trip through a bit of Idaho and British Columbia this summer. Coming back into the city was torture. One of my favorite moments from the trip was standing in a field in Idaho, surrounded by mountains and no people or buildings or noisy contraptions, listening to the wind flow through the grasses. Pure ecstasy.

    • M,

      Good to hear from you, babe! Glad you’ve been road tripping too. This trip too me two full weeks and I was glad to get home…though my home isn’t in the city! 🙂

      I love those quiet moments with the wind…


  4. Gorgeous pictures, and the first one…typical of the road trips that I adore taking, for me the top of the top of holidays!!
    Thank you very much!

  5. Beautiful and Inspiring photos! What river systems? What Mtn range with the molting goats?? Many thanks for the ongoing creative inspiration over the years!

    • The goats were in Glacier National Park.
      The rivers are the Big Hole, Flathead and Little Blackfoot — all in Montana.
      Thank you for saying thanks — always appreciate that so much.

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