Smoke and Horses



  1. Mary Seabeck says:

    Did you find a sweetie to bring back home? Horse that is!!

  2. Seriously lovely!

  3. Palinor says:

    Is this your new horse?

    • Nope. The big black boy (he’s half percheron) is boarded at my sister’s place and the two dark, lanky mares are hers. I do look forward to showing you my little fella though! He’s so darlin’…unless he’s being ridden…then he’s magnificent and peppery looking.

      Most unexpectedly…I went Peruvian!!!

  4. Yay! Horses! These photos are magical. Glad you found an equine partner. They’re the best.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and a Peruvian!
    i always pictured you with a flashy and sassy paint! can’t wait to see him!

    • I always thought I would wind up with a paint, too.

      Coincidentally, though Resero is chestnut, he has a really big splotch of white on his rump which makes him look a little “painty” from two directions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m already so in love with your photos and words…I can’t imagine how I’ll be able to adore them more now that they’ll regularly include an equine!!! Can’t wait to “meet” him. My mustang has a very Paso look to him, though he’s not very peppery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Oh, those first couple of photos just SLAY me. They’re so haunting!

  8. J!

    Just read these words from your blog post dated July 2, 2010:

    The early summer rains seem to be finished; the flowers, vines and vegetables are bolting for the sky. Itโ€™s a small space that I tend, compared to the ranch I hope to have one day, but itโ€™s impressive when it peaks.

    So, so satisfying witnessing this gorgeous unfoldment.

  9. Such a majestic, grace-filled post then(!!!) and this current jewel. All the love- past, present and upcoming- makes me high :^)

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