Gifts from McCall

Did I mention yet that our 2017 fire season is already humming?  Robert reported for duty a few weeks ago and he’s already jumping out of airplanes.  We’ve been going back and forth between the farm and the Airstream in McCall.  From the moon, we probably look like bees buzzing back and forth between the hive and the wildflowers.

Last time I drove to our fire town it gave me a couple visual gifts in the forms of incredible squalls, an amazing moonrise and a den of kits.  The journey also gave me my first speeding ticket of my life which was extremely mortifying.  We bought a new car, the Volkswagen Alltrack, to be exact.  It’s as sporty as Serena Williams.  In fact, it’s been difficult for me to get used to the zippy-ness of this new rig after driving lumbering trucks for the past thirteen years of my life.  Every time I think about it I feel so grumpy at myself for marring my perfect driving record.  I’m usually so diligent about setting cruise control and I almost always go a little under the speed limit, too, because I drive like a grandpa and eat nuts and sip kombucha and look for elk and antelope and osprey while I mosey along.  We still have all our trucks but it’s nice to have something dependable and easy to drive when I need to run to the city — our trucks all have 250K miles on them (or more) and I was starting to feel scared about driving them on long haul trips.  This will be the third VW I’ve owned.  The first was a 1971 Bug that was Baja’ed out — I tore around it in while we lived in Arizona.  The second was a 1973 camper bus (Omnibus?) — it was so much fun to travel and camp with.  I guess we’ve been Volkswagen fans for years!  I didn’t realize it until now!

Anyway, look at those foxes, would ya?  I felt lucky to find them and watch them.  They weren’t especially shy so I had a good long look at them.  What beauties.