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A new batch of “Basin and Range Rings” with landscape jaspers and sterling silver, baptized in sagebrush in the holy of holies I call home.

Thank God for the work of my hands.  I have been traveling so much over the past two months that I have suffered a sense of total discombobulation.  Sitting down to work in my studio is one of the things that stitches my spirit to my bones.  I am currently slated for 2 full weeks of studio work!  Let’s see what I can create in that time frame before I hit the road again.

I’m planning on listing these rings in my shop on Friday at 8PM (mountain time).

UPDATE: I had to postpone this shop update due to WIFI failure.  These rings will be listed in my shop on May 8 at 8PM (Mountain Time Zone).


  1. Chris Moore says:

    Baby animal pics?

  2. Hey busy lady….very nice! I’m w/ Chris…. Let’s see those critters!! lol

  3. Monique says:

    Be still my heart. Your rings are my absolute most favorite jewelry I have ever worn (well, except my engagement ring ;)). The Basin and Ranges are just dreamy.

  4. you reminded me of a song that I adore, when you wrote “Thank God for the work of my hands.” Maybe you know it- but if not, please enjoy!
    ‘Something More than Free’ by Jason Isbell– A gorgeous talent


    • Ah! Brian, thank you for the song recommendation. I’m going to take a listen to it now, in the studio, as I work.

      Bless you and the work of your hands this week.


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