Awaken. Unfurl. Grow. Sprout. Emerge. Cultivate. Flourish. Mature. Expand. Thrive. Develop. Explore. Reach. Animate. Enrich. Drink. Eat. Consume. Transform.7I9A0184

See. Question. Notice. Investigate. Wander. Linger. Plant. Root. Document. Remember. Forget. Forgive. Record. Care. Respect. Protect. Curate. Untangle. Revive. Structure. Freedom. Organize. Retain. 7I9A0168

Receive. Worship. Create. Comprehend. Believe. Give. Sacrifice. Compromise. Courage. Newness. Unify. Yield. Hinge. Sway. Heartbeat. Focus. Dream. Build. Commit. Accept. Trust.


  1. the onlyhurricanegirl says:

    Great Pentax, My Dad’s favorite, a journalist and photographer his whole life.
    These words of yours, they flow like a new awakening.

  2. oh, yeah :: words. ferns. green. you. dirt. shorts! perfect.

  3. nathalie says:

    Lovely post, beautiful words, very simple, very nice, thanks!

  4. Gosh, where in the world are you in shorts and all that lush green? Looks like west of the Cascades. Green, green, and more green!

  5. Kara Bozik says:

    Thank you for this 🌺🌿

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