the river is a mirror

what does not flow away
past the canyon ramparts
sets down roots
or scurries between boulders in the waters deep
scouring stone in wake and in sleep

I stand on the bank to bear witness
to all that remains
to all that changes beneath the bright cut of the meadowlark’s song
as he whittles winter with his tune
turning ice to gold

these clouds are gizmos
whirring towards the East
chasing the past as the sun slips
into the hot chrome of the sea
somewhere else

the shore is edged with newness
the grass
so sudden to turn bright
rattles like rapiers in the breeze
and lower down
in the mist of the rapids
new growth branches
like antler fronds
born only to eat the sun before

am I born the same
to consume this light
to lean into the wind
to divide
and split
so as to catch the sun and feel
God on every surface
to not turn away but to reach deeper
into the sky



  1. Megan J. says:

    These words and photos are so amazing! The last lines really spoke to me. You continue to inspire me to consume this light!

  2. gosh i love that this river calls to you.

  3. The light in those photographs is very warm, very calming, very soothing…and very happy at the same time, yes, you look happy, it must be that house, that studio space, that time you arrived in your life, it must be good for you, you look happy and the jewelry everything is gorgeous…and…i got my necklace too today by mail, merci, merci, merci!!!

  4. You are the queen of self-portrait and your words are delicious.

  5. Thanks so much for being here, darlin’s!

  6. this. I love your words. I love your soul.

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