Leafing Out

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I just finished the first of a new ring batch.  I always love the first ring of a series or a specific motif — it’s the one that I spend the most time on, working out kinks, figuring out how I want pieces formed or arranged or layered.  For that reason, I always think the first completed piece of a broader series has the most energy to it…and if you think about it, it makes sense.  Often, the metal has been struck more, touched more, filed more, pushed and pulled more, heated more, cooled more — generally worked over more in every aspect.  I’ve written before about how I believe and know (it’s scientific) that we imbue our very heartbeats into the molecular structures (man made and naturally occuring) that surround us every single moment we are alive so that we leave a kind of impression on an atomic level long after we are dead and gone and turning into mountains and wildflowers.

So you see, it’s always the first piece of a few that holds the most of me.  There’s kind of something beautiful about that.

This specific ring is built of sterling silver, 23K gold and chrysoprase (this is one of my favorite stone and metal combos).  Totally luminous, fresh and dimensional.


  1. There is a ring after my own heart – green. leaves. So, so gorgeous.
    Leaves and feathers keep the spirit flowing.

  2. Wow – I love that ring. And I’ve never itched for a big ring (big earrings on the other hand, always). Delicious!

  3. gorgeous combination. this piece is bursting forth!!
    yes, it makes sense that the first of a series holds the most *you* therein.

  4. ohhh yasssss!!!!! i love the whole concept here about the labor of love of something new + first. It is absolutely true! I also love how these leaves feel like antlers which seems a natural extension of what you’ve been doing as of late. Lovely as always!

  5. Laura C. says:

    This piece is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see it as a necklace too!! My favorite piece of yours that I have is my tiny bird earrings. I would love to have another set of small earring in one of your designs. Thank you!

  6. Nathalie Carles says:

    This is the most beautiful of all your rings!!!! It is stunning beautiful!

  7. This is stunning! I would love to wear a leafy cuff of this sort – not to disregard this beauty – but I’ve been swooning over the cuffs I see in your older photos .. do you still make them on occasion?

    • I am considering this as we speak! First, I am headed home to Saskatchewan this week…I’ll continue this work once I am stateside and in the studio again. Stay tuned! XXX

  8. Yipeee I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy the homeland! 🙂

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