Fall Squall

7I9A1800 7I9A1850 7I9A1871 7I9A1902 7I9A19127I9A19367I9A1930I’m of the opinion that one of the best times to go walking is when everyone else is at home watching the storm, baking cookies and snuggling a cat — but I’ve always enjoyed the terrors of the elements.


  1. so agreed. i enjoy being outdoors *in it*….

    [….and here i go, again, after coming indoors for some tea….]


  2. Penelope’s tenacity is quite charming.

  3. I smile a huge smile whenever I see Penelope!!! Love your working dogs, but Queen Pene has my heart!

  4. Agreed! This time of year is amazing, how quickly the weathers turns. Your photos are like a barometer of the changing seasons – from last week where the light is so specific to late summer, to this set which declares “fall”!

  5. Nothing like storms, cloudy skies, strong winds and then….a fire in a woodstove!!!!
    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous!!!

  6. The weather’s perfect! Wish I was there!

  7. I LOVE fall. I can’t wait for it to hit full force in Pittsburgh. How can I get one of those hat’s you have? -Linds

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