There is a road less traveled, paved with thin air and pine needles; I rode it by his side, bumped up and over the pass towards the sky.  There was a pool, out of the way, where the stream sliced granite, the cold water chilled deeper by conifer shadow and fern.  There were fish, fractal rainbows painted with thick parr marks, spirits willing but mouths too small to swallow our flies down.  There, we swam, crawled out onto the boulders, half-naked and primordial — Adam and Eve in a perfect garden for two.  Time passed, every hour, every moment holy.  We quit our fight against the seconds of the day, we quit our grappling with minutes lost, the hours of life were without expiration dates and we allowed them to slip, with grace, over our heads and shoulders in quiet benediction.


  1. Poetic. I appreciate you and yours living life fully.

  2. Sounds heavenly😌

  3. Hurricane Girl says:

    I wanna ride a pronghorn just like you!! Amazing.

  4. The new website illustration is a winner, Jillian

  5. quiet benediction :: amen and hallelujah.


  6. So beautiful!

  7. Love the new layout, sweetie!
    Especially the header. If anybody could ride a loper, that would be you.
    And I got the biggest charge out of the FAQ section!
    Just marvelous.

  8. It sounds like the perfect holidays, like in heaven, I am happy for you and bravo for the new look of your website, I love change and I love progress and I love improvement….and I love your website and your life and your work and I wish you a wonderful end of Summer (and I want to wish you a great move in your new house but that is too early I guess).

    • Well the website overhaul was WAY overdue…by 3 years or so…but it’s nice to have it polished up and tuned up.

      They former owners of the farm are ALMOST moved out. They gave me all the keys this morning (there are about 12…4 house keys…workshop keys…gate keys…you name it, I have a key for it). Rob was supposed to have two days off and we were going to clear out the Pocatello storage unit but he jumped fire last night so we’re delayed again.

      Oh well!!!

      In the meanwhile, we are officially (technically) living in FOUR different places right now! It’s mind boggling.

      Love seeing you here!

  9. Love your blog!! So glad I found it. Simply beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. I find great solace here.

  10. Love your new Blog layout and the Illustration you created is Perfect! This post is superb in every way, quietly blessing us all with your Eden.

  11. Epic. Love to you, Dearest Jillian!

  12. These photos have me dying! And by that I mean swelling up inside with awe and inspiration. Beautiful.

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