My Flame

IMG_3673I suppose this is how I see him.  Exactly.  Rugged, capable beauty in a wild shower of flame and sparks.  Or perhaps this is my perspective of us; the earnest but volatile nature of who we are independently and corporately.  We are a pair of glorious, clashing and blending flames.

We just spent a full week together, which is something that NEVER happens during the fire season.  I came home from Alaska and we galloped to Pocatello to close on our house, pack up our life and stuff it in a storage unit.  We sold or gave away over half of what we owned and once the money was in the bank from the sale of our home, we drove and fished our way across Idaho until we parted ways in Spokane.  He headed back to Winthrop and work while I buzzed over to Montana to stage for a backcountry trip.  When we crossed over the Idaho-Washington state line we looked over at each other and said, “We have to get back.  We have to get back to Idaho.

I miss him.  I miss dreaming aloud with him.  I miss the tangible flame that has burned between us for over 11 years now.  Godspeed, babe (and soft landings), until our soul bones rest side by side once more.


  1. a heart translated into words

  2. This being who writes, types, and breathes…me…she doesn’t spend a lot of clock tickings on reading a lot of blogs, but finds shared solace in the spaces of your images and words…thanks, plume…

  3. as i read this, i cannot help but think about forging with fire, making that bond stronger with the flame burning brightly. may it always be so for you and him in this life you share.


  4. Great capture. Glad to see you again. Have a great time in MT. “We have to get back to Idaho.” Amen! I’ve been plotting and planning for years to get back.

  5. So nice you had the week together…separateness has to be the toughest thing even though at times it is useful…take care Miss J xo

  6. Oh Jillian, I love hearing about your love story with the Mister.


  7. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    Great Photo! Blessings and wishes for safety to Robert and all his crew. So many fires right now.

  8. nathalie says:

    Gorgeous picture…you are a very very handsome couple you 2.
    Sold the house!!! Great!! a page turned (another one in your case)hope we get to know quickly where you are going to land, another page turned for us too!!! Welcome back and happy you had some time together…that way of life might be the secret for this passionate relationship?
    Or just the perfect mix of the both of you? Who knows….happy end of Summer to both of you.

  9. Already missing Idaho. You two are such beautiful burning flames. It seems you squeeze the most out of the precious summer time you get together. Life in motion. xo

  10. Victoria Smith says:

    Jillian you can really write!!! I just finished reading your Filson article from April, 2015. Robert really got an INCREDIBLE star-hearted woman. The fire in your writing casts an ethereal glow on the darkened walls of my suburban existence rekindling desire for the deep and silent truths clasped in the delicate fingers of the natural world. Been trying to find you and Robert for a long time. Glad to discover your blog. Your jewelry is exquisit and your photography delightful! If you or Robert are ever near New Jersey, please let me know. I so enjoyed meeting you briefly at Wheaton College. You are still beautiful! If you send me your contact info I’ll try to reach you two when I’m next in WA visiting family. I’m loving the big blue eyes of my 3-year-old son Eidon and the water-pools of the soul in my 10-month-old Ian Arrow 🙂 These natural jewels keep me going in the absence of the wild. Lots of love!!! Victoria Smith, (now Visocchi), (609) 933-0540 cell email:

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