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Beautiful, big backcountry.


Great, noble dogs.

The company of an excellent friend (who is also an unofficial botanist so I came away SMARTER…and un-poisoned by berries…).

Starry starry nights.


Great alpine fishing.


Clean water.

Summer sausage cooked on open fires.

Sleeping in the dirt with my boys under a tarp and washing my face in the dawn.

First light — the holy of holies.

Wait, did I mention the berries yet?  The huckleberries, raspberries and thimbleberries were at their HEIGHT and we lallygagged as we walked, eating one berry for every single step we took.  It was decadent.  We had stained fingers and delighted tastebuds.

I’ve never had a summer like this before, one so stuffed with gallivanting and crammed with work.  I’m exhausted, but I am loving every moment of it.



  1. Just fantastic! Wow!!

  2. What is it about clean water? I feel like it’s part of the testament of the beauty of a place. When I go somewhere and I can simply fill my cup on shore, I know I’m someplace special!

  3. There is nothing better for my mind and soul than coming to your blog. It is a balm. When I see your breathtaking photos, your devoted dogs, and read your exceptional words, my heart is filled with peace, beauty, and happiness. I am so thankful I get to come along on your vast adventures. Many many blessings to you.


  4. I am spazzing out over that sky. Such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  5. hello, I have just finished my chemotherapy, back home and wow wow wow, a post, you can’t imagine how it’s good for my soul, my mind…. The sky is so wonderful, the colors, landscapes…. really the world is amazing. thanks a LOT to share your pictures.

  6. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    STUNNING!!! Where in Montana? I lived in the Bitterroot for a while, but that looks more like Glacier country. Man, I love the mountains! Only 3 more weeks . . . . .

  7. i had a dream last night wherein the word “holy” was featured several times. i remember that in the dream, i was thinking about you. now i see why.

    [so good to see farley active on the trails….]

    love you.

  8. Spectacular as ever. Being a Texan, born and raised, I tend to stray away from that tried and true Texan pride. Yes, I’m proud but not to the extint of believing that nothing else is out there. I’ve left and returned and so many thought it was because I missed The Great State. But no, I will one day leave again because my heart belongs in the west. Your blog, images and spirit are a true testimony to that wild, open, wonder of a place.

  9. Mountain mommas and a Tenkara queen!!
    So exhilarating, the climb, the berry-gorging the crystal cleanness of that water and those glistening trout. (Those pictures, THOSE PICTURES!) You packed a Tenkara!
    Talk about a mountain high. That’s what the Bearteethies do to a couple’a gals.

  10. Gorgeous. Right now it is 100+(F) each day here in Tejas and I’m SWEATIN. But in my mind I can smell that crisp, delicious mountain air and feel that cold water. Makes me ache for the high country. When I was growing up there was many a summer spent camping in the mountains. It’s been toooo long since I was there. You really capture it well in words and pics. Buenos dias lady plume.

  11. Gorgeous pictures, so different every time but yourself always. I just realize that your dogs have a great life too, doesn’t get any better for a dog!!!
    Thank you again.

  12. Looks like another fantastic adventure. Always enjoyable to follow along with someone who really lives, as opposed to just existing like me. Keep enjoying that wild life!

  13. You are an amazing photographer- I savor and enjoy every picture! It’s been awhile since I’ve had my backpack on.. And you’re right, berries are delicious!

  14. Jillian,
    I don’t know how you do it…yes I do, you are magically talented. Somehow you can convey feelings, memories, smells, tastes, and give back country hugs through your photographs. You my dear friend, have an amazing gift. I will cherish this trip and your photographic account is simply a wonderful documentary. My soul opened up and is now richer and more loved from this trip. Thank you times infinity. Love you babe, Biz

    PS. That Baneberry still looks yummy but I am so glad we didn’t eat it!!!!!!

  15. Everything you do is beautiful.

  16. I am craving these wide open spaces and getting more and more ready to move out West. So damned gorgeous…*mind blown* Did you put that pup in the hammock? Cuz, I was like,ummmm….;)

  17. Did you really take those pictures?! 🙂 I know you’re very good, but woman, you still surprise me with your ever growing talent!
    Lauren put is so well, your words and pictures are balm. <3
    Thank you!

  18. Beautiful!! just beautiful, Oh those stars

  19. Dawn Dennison says:

    When are you holding your photography workshop? Don’t you think?? It would sell out in no time!
    I love this series, in particular.

    What did you think of Tenkara? I find myself switching hands with the rod, as my left hand feels left out not doing anything while my right arm seems to get more of a work out than it does with a regular ol rod. Catching a fish on Tenkara is very special. You really feel connected when you connect.

  20. Magic

    I love your wild woman

    love and light

  21. Thank you, Plume for the joy…

  22. What a fun girls time trip, your images bring it to life so well! Do you happen to know who makes the hammock/carabiner straps for around the trees? – they are quite neat. Thanks!

  23. Inspiring and elevating, as always. Thank you for sharing this incredible trip with all of us.

  24. Great stuff…enjoy the way you compose photos. Can’t get enough of the Beartooths either.

  25. Oh my gosh, love your photos! Like the others I can’t get enough of it and in awe of how you just capture life and the outdoors. I love love love them!

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