Tried Tested and True

IMG_0258I acquired a hooded zip-up sweatshirt (a bunny hug, if you are from Saskatchewan) and t-shirt from my friend Brittan of Little Owl Arts a couple of months ago right when Idaho was transitioning out of winter and into the gentleness of springtime.  I make mention of these pieces of clothing here today because they are tried, tested and true!  I’ve done some living in these shirts and not only has the silkscreening held up beautifully through multiple washes, but the fabric used for these tops is so soft, it just seems to get softer with each wash I put these guys through.

IMG_0276IMG_4503IMG_4504IMG_4506I’ve worn these shirts to the sea, in the forest, on the mountain and for regular old every day stuff like gardening and slouching about the house with a cup of morning tea.  They layer up beautifully — I especially love the hooded sweatshirt under a down vest while I am out and about and the air is turning chilly on the mountain.  Best of all, Brittan sketches up the designs for her clothing and silkscreens them one by one with enduring love.  She cares for the wholeness of life, the beauty of the forest and the glorious face of the sea.  She is a tree hugger, mushroom picker, berry hunter, tea brewer, all around crafty woman and it’s just such a pleasure to feel like I am drawing near to her and all that she is when I slide into a piece of clothing she has made.  If you are an abnormal human being who does NOT wear t-shirts, she makes exquisite, natural, hand dyed sundries as well.  You can find an array of her offerings in her brimming-with-goodness shop.

IMG_4512It’s always a pleasure to carry a little piece of you out into the world with me, Brittan.  Thanks for making beautiful things.



  1. Aww, Jillian! Thank you for such a sweet, heart-felt post. It put a big smile on my face to know that you like my work so much! (And as always, your photos are stunning…)
    I can’t wait to see more of your amazing adventures! Maybe, if… no, when we end up moving west this year we can plan a meet up briefly along the way!
    Safe travels, shine on!~

  2. Thank you for the referral…My hooded sweatshirt bit the dust…I officially resigned my cat walking hoodie and was off to the bookstore for another caltech sweatshirt..I will stop by her shop xx

  3. SNORTguffaw.
    “abnormal human being who does not wear t-shirts….”
    well. i want to be NORMAL, so i shall check out brittan’s t-shirts.


  4. Welp. I’m in love now.

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