Out At The Ranch

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  1. gosh darn it jillian… your photos make me wish i lived in the country with a handful of those majestic horses. you’re one lucky gal. 🙂

  2. Beautiful shots, enjoy your visit (and go for a ride across that wide open prairie for me).

  3. up-close-and-personal with horses.
    i love that about this post.
    and….the little signs of being in saskatchewan….[~wink]


  4. I love all of the photos….but the one of the grey horse with the filigreed shadows running along it’s side and flank….perfection. Thank you for taking us home with you.

  5. Lovely horses! Welcome back to the best country evaaa 😉

    PS Shout out to the little one in the Sens cap; our home team.

  6. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    Such a wonderful sense of home (for me at least) in these beautiful photos and those of the last few days. I click into your blog every day to see if there is a new feast for the eyes, but my lovely new computer seems to want to hold posts hostage and days go by until suddenly there are 4 posts that show up all at once. SO, So Beautiful. The sky photos from a few days ago are heartbreakingly wonderful, and the horses make me want to run away from everything tame and settled and fly on the mountain winds.

  7. love the solitude of it (maybe because we lack it) … the scent of land, vegetation, animals, air, thank you for sharing xx

  8. Ahhhh….

  9. nathalie says:

    All those photographs…beautiful… my favorite? the one of both of you and a kiss in the barn, lovely, very lovely to witness happiness.

  10. You went home! So exciting to be in your first place! I’m headed home to NB in nine sleeps (not that anyone is counting, let alone counting in their favourite 7 year old unit of measurement), and I can already hear the ocean calling my name, the way I imagine the prairies call yours.
    Thanks for sharing the love in these shots! XO

  11. Your pictures are so evocative – feels like you took me with you.

  12. Your love for this place just shines through in these photos!

  13. Such lovely pictures of The Ranch. The second time I went through the pics, I noticed that the ranch dog seems to be around at all times! Also, the curly, tow-head wearing the watch is adorable… and the Plume Couple sittin’ ’round sippin’ beer: can’t get any better than that!

  14. oh, yeah… can’t pick any favorites here– each photo just SINGS!!

  15. lovely again. Does little Eli ever look like a serious little man!! with some DEFINITE Lukiwski features 🙂

  16. Ah, Summer… Does it get any better? Family, friends, and a cold beer. Enjoy!

  17. Jillian says:

    Just perfect.

  18. Lauran V says:

    I am so happy whenever I read your blog. Such beauty, peace, love, goodness – my favorite place to come to.

  19. Thank you…xo,Helen

  20. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, for being here, for taking a moment to leave a little note on this post…it’s always such a pleasure to see you here.

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