NOW CLOSED :: Finally Art Prints :: A Giveaway

Good morning folks!  I have randomly generated the selection of three comments for this giveaway!  The winners are:

Comment #188 –Mandy Jean

Comment #13 — Susanne

Comment #1 — Amber

Congratulations ladies!  I’ll get your packages in the mail tout de suite!

And as aways, thank you all so much for taking the time to leave a note on this giveaway post.  We always put together the very best reading lists, music lists, film lists and generally beautiful comment sections full of poetry, kindness and generosity.

I appreciate you terribly much and love having you in my world.



I am delighted to finally, FINALLY, offer up some photography prints!  Some of you have been asking for just such a thing for a few years now.  It’s taken me a while to do the research on the different kinds of papers, printers and printing companies and here’s what I finally decided on — giclee prints on top shelf, fine art papers.  These prints are gloriously textural on their own, as photographs, but printed on fine art, highest quality watercolor paper just adds volume to the inherent texture.  These shots print up like they are made of VELVET.  Incredible.  Delectable.

I will be offering a few of these prints in my shop, later today, and for a while to come.  I also wanted to offer a few in a giveaway here on my blog.


Up for the win are three images, in this order:

Old Swayback 


Stay Connected

I’ve photographed them here on their own as prints and also mounted in a very basic white mat frame so you can see how they look when in a crisp display.  They will land in your hands as simple prints leaving the matting or framing (should you decide to to mat them or frame them) up to you!

You know the usual rules around here when it comes to giveaways.  I do them in celebration of and gratitude for your support, for the community you are part of here in my online spaces, for the joy it gives me to serve you in any way I can — through my work, my writing, my photography and the truly wonderful and unique connections I am able to cultivate with you just by being human and honest and vulnerable.  You don’t need to market my work or any of my online spaces in order to enter in the drawing for this giveaway.  All you need to do is leave a comment on the end of this blog post.  If you are shy, just say hello!  If you feel inclined, let me know what you are listening to these days, in your cars and trucks and soccer-mom-vans while you cruise your local roads with the windows down and the breeze in your hair.  Or, tell me what are you sipping on the front porch in the evenings while the sun makes its slow descent and the moon comes rising.

 One comment per person, please — it makes it easier for me to tally up comments and draw a name.  Of course, if someone says something spectacularly beautiful (which happens all the time in my comment sections) that you feel a need to respond to, I’m happy to let you break this rule!  Do what moves you, tell us all what you love and how you feel!  June is such a beautiful month, it’s hard to not start speaking about life in poetic stanzas.  I write a ballads in my mind multiple times a day.

As always, my giveaways turn into care packages — boxed bevies of beautiful baubles and treats to accompany whatever you have won.  Count on something wonderful coming your way if you should win one of these prints.

 Lastly, I’m about to do a ridiculous amount of traveling, both nationally and internationally, so this giveaway post may be up for a long while.  Thanks for your patience if it takes me a few hours or days to moderate incoming comments.  There will be pockets of time when I am away from the interwebulars.

Happy June to you all!  Bless you for being here.



  1. Hihi!
    for these warm, bright days I’ve been listening to Raina Rose– an Austin-based folk artist who has the most velvety voice and a heart and soul that is awake, alive, vibrant. I’m so excited you’re sending your photography out into this world, and also getting to spread your wings and travel. May this summer be full of the best of things for you.

  2. International travel, no less! Awesome adventures ahead! I’ll be thinking of you winging your way around this world while I sit on my back patio, drinking wine and watching the moon rise. Happy travels, woman! xx

  3. Beautiful.
    My tot and I are lunching on cold watermelon and raw pumpkin seeds. We’re grazers and delight in a bit of this and that and some of those to eat as we go.

  4. love your photography!:) i hope your travels will be awesome! sending best wishes from Poland!

  5. Such gorgeous, inspiring images. Sadly, I let May slip by without spending any time on my porch. I hope to spend a good chunk of June there sipping Gin Gimlets. It’s just been one if those seasons in my life that has been hard and free time is hard to come by these days. Thanks for this space of beauty and peace and kindness. All the best to you, Eileen

  6. Oh thank you! Glorious!
    You move me with your creatrix memes and all your ways of getting them out of you and into form!
    Any of these prints would be a delight.
    Safe journey


  7. I adore each and everyone of those photos, but Old Swayback is a dream! With barefooted summertime upon us, it’s easy to forget those magical winter months. Oh, to see life from the eyes of those horses, if only for a moment…

  8. Samantha says:

    I love all of your photos and look forward to every post. Currently sipping on Ithaca Brewery Flower Power IPA mixed with their Apricot Wheat. Delicious combination!

  9. Hello! 🙂
    Just wanted to drop by and say that your photography has inspired me to pursue my passion for the wild outdoors more and to keep working on my own art (watercolor!)
    Much love and gratitude 🙂
    Lately I’ve been listening to the sparest, simplest acoustic songs and also some fun instrumental sounds such as Tibetan singing bowls!
    ~ Sarah

  10. I’ve been listening to Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, and Debussy. Evenings we sip some Shiner beer or homemade apricot wine (made with juicy apricots grown a few steps from my back door). Your pictures are divine. You inspire. Thanks and happy travels.

  11. somesortagirl says:

    Fans are trying their hardest to blow away the humidity of the East already, so we are beyond sipping here. Guzzling great goblets of water with slices of lemon or cucumber or sometimes strawberries.
    Your images are lovely – they would feel good on our walls.

  12. What a beautiful way you have of documenting the world! I am newly pregnant, so I am really enjoying different juices (orange or cranberry) with seltzer water!

  13. dear mrs. plume,
    your words touch and inspire my heart & my soul. thank you ever so much!
    these sunny days of june turned our garden into a lovely flowery jungle – with dancing peonies, sweet-smelling scent-leaved pelargoniums and singing radishes.
    enjoy your travelling!
    cheers, susanne

  14. Jessica Brennan says:

    What a fun giveaway! These are just lovely and your soul shines through them. Let’s see…. currently listening to the the kids playing outside in the woods and sipping on ice water that I can never seem get enough of.

  15. Yippee! I’m thrilled to see your photography in print!

  16. Hello! Am listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara these days. And the Frozen soundtrack because I have a 3.5 year old son.

  17. jennifer kuyek says:

    Lovely Lady! I am so excited to see you are offering prints of your amazing photography. I want to get one so ten years from now I can be all “Oh, yea, i have one from her first series” when you’re in famous galleries…

  18. Annette says:

    LOVE. Can’t wait to see your posts about your travels.

  19. Kate VPA says:

    Helloooo! It is finally nice enough to sit sipping on our back deck. I’m currently loving herbal iced tea brewed in a smallish mason jar. Lovely.

  20. Hiya Jillian!
    The photos are breathtaking!!
    I’m listening to “Beautiful Dawn”…The Wailin’ Jennys
    as I read your blog post:)
    Have a wonderful time this month and so look forward to more gorgeous photos!!
    June IS a BEAUTIFUL time:)

  21. Jillian Newsome says:

    These are just wordlessly beautiful. I have looked at all three over and over and they are each just THE perfect one. Sigh. I am having some very unplanned medical treatments that have meant I am slowed wayyyyyy down from my normal post spring hopping about. I find refuge in your blog and I am so grateful you’ve been posting so frequently. I come and scroll and gaze and soak it all in…living vicariously when I would usually be doing many of these same things. So grateful. In the PNW there is still a chill in the air so I’m sipping Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea on the deck and loving every moment of that glorious sun we’ve seen so little of for the past six months. So grateful for you and all you share dear one. Never stop.

  22. A shy smile from mexico with a german song (and a wonderful video) in the background, dancing kids in my mind and the hot sun in my face!

  23. So lovely! Count me in!

  24. Your photography is truly, truly wonderful. It is one of the many reasons I come to visit all of your spaces. I love that you don’t ask your guests to market your work, blog, etc. to enter to win care packages (or in general). That is reason #83689 as to why I love The Noisy Plume. So humble and so incredibly talented, you alone can carry yourself so very far.

    On another note, I am listening to The Best of Keane right now. It is a compilation of their greatest releases and some new stuff, unrealeased songs and B-side tracs. I LOVE IT!

  25. Aloha! I’ve been rocking out to some fine country-ish ladies in the studio lately, I actually thought of you while doing a little jig with my hammer in hand! “Shovels and Rope” is my new favorite, they’re a husband and wife from NC ( I think )lots of good old raspy voiced female power in her voice, and just the right amount of twang to make you want to shake your booty! They have a great video on the NPR podcast Tiny Desk Concerts, they even brought their pooch to the office! Oh MAN is her voice powerful, I hope you’ll like it…Also, Lindy Ortega!

  26. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I love your artwork in all it’s various forms.

  27. Lovely. Your posts have a way of clearing the crud from my brain and opening the space between my shoulders. Best of luck to all and enjoy your travels!

  28. Hi Jillian,
    I’m listening to one song over and over:
    Lots of love to you & all that you do! Thanks for being you!

  29. Whitney Martinetti says:

    Warm and sunny afternoon!
    Too many thoughts on my mind… work, home, husband, family, summer or the lack thereof (you don’t get one when you are a wildland firefighter), dogs, garden, the future, friends, and new adventures. I’ve got to get started somewhere.
    Best wishes to you and your husband!

  30. I’m sipping on Lemon herbal tea on my porch as the sun dips below the horizon most nights with an eager doggy pal at my feet. These prints are alive with the color, movement and visual impact that is your eye completely. I love every one of them…<3

  31. Betsy Dionne says:

    Beautiful Prints! Lately I have been listening to Jose Gonzales, soft melodic tunes that you can read a book or practice yoga to. And of course Led Zeppelin which is appropriate for all occasions.

  32. Steph J says:

    The past few days have been nothing short of a blessing (says the mom with 2 sick kids and a pathetic cold-ridden mess of a husband). My brother came down from NorCal, bringing with him a bevy of delicious home brews, and we have been able to sit on the back patio these past few nights, under the swaying canopy of palm fronds, delighting our taste buds with yeasty concoctions and watching the children chase each other around the fruit trees. The wiping of weeping noses and need for ‘Stop trying to trip your sister!’ have not even been cause for concern as good company and amazing weather (the kind that you think is a gift from the gods, but after living in SoCal for 9 years is totally taken for granted) lift off even the heaviest burden.

    Your amazing skill in photography draws me to this contest immediately, but I must admit, part of the reason I have such dedication to your blog and work is if I could live an alternate life, yours would be the one I would choose! You fly more freely than any bird I can imagine and I envy your access to the mountains and rivers. It is where I belong, and hope to be again one day, after my stint in ‘paradise’ is complete 🙂 Have amazing adventures on your upcoming travels!!

  33. CM Hooper says:

    Lovely prints of your beautiful life…

  34. Beautiful photos. You’re too kind to give them away. I’m listening to The Civil Wars this afternoon as the clouds roll in for our daily late afternoon/early evening thunderstorm here in Alberta. Happy travels to you!

  35. Haphazardly fell head over heart upon your jewelry, then to your blog. Wasted half a day with deadlines looming, truly inspired. Have picked out a perfect spot in my office to hang one of your photos—right by my door where the light comes in the afternoon high above the mountains. A perfect touch point to remember to smile, when the person at my door admires the sound of their voice a bit more than listening. You are an gifted storyteller and NEED to look into The Future of Storytelling Summit in NYC/10/14.

    Currently on spotify: Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM and Bruce Springsteen—today is the 30th Anniversary of Born to Run : )

  36. Want to win a horsepicture for my daughter, love all of your work.


  37. Hello Jillian, Some serious 80s retro music happening at my house these days – B52s, The Ramones, Rick James, The Go-Gos! Happy Summering to you!

  38. Beautiful words and pictures as always. Typing on my phone in the dark while I wait for the baby to fall asleep. Love reading your posts. xo

  39. Your blog is my most very fave!!!!

  40. I’ve often sat and taken in your photos, staring at the mountain ranges and imagining the cold air on my cheeks or water on my feet along with with your written words, digesting them, speaking them out loud for the poetry that is presented. Any of the photographs would be a lovely art piece in my home. I’ve been rocking out to St. Paul & the Broken Bones in my car and listening to EDM music while at work- it helps me concentrate. Enjoy your travels!

  41. Candice P. says:

    Your photos make me crave more
    Of nature. These prints are motivating me to plan a backpacking trip. Thanks!!

  42. These day I find myself lying in bed in the morning listening to NELL (Korean indie rock band)…and most nights, come to think of it. I’m besotted with Kim Jong Wan’s voice. I’m currently scarfing down a berry banana smoothie mixed with ground flaxseeds, raw black sesame seeds, a small handful of fresh rosemary and half a tub of mixed greens (because my adolescent palate refuses to eat green stuff when it’s on a plate)…and then off to make some boxes because my muse is wagging AGAIN, today…the little delinquent! Safe and glorious trails, Goldie!

  43. Marne O. says:

    Happy day to you! Travels you say, far and wide, you say, yippee I say! I can not wait for the photos!! We are sticking close to home this summer, the to do list around the home is getting a bit long 🙂 Mama bear has caved and we currently have the soundtrack to Frozen playing non-stop. I am tying my best to wean the kiddos by using the soundtrack to Wicked, but alas they are tough nuts to crack 😉
    Safe travels to you and yours Ms. Plume. I look forward to tales of your adventures!

  44. Hello 🙂 your Blog is the first thing I check when I log on to my work computer every day… a guilty pleasure! I simply love seeing the wide vast landscape photos that remind me of my home in Wales, its in slight contrast to my city views of Sydney where I currently live. Anyway, thank you for sharing your adventures with us. xxxx

  45. I’ve always loved your metal work and your photography. Face it, you are so creative and I’m a huge admirer of true artists.
    I would be lucky and honored to win a ‘giveaway’.
    Be safe!

  46. Oh, how beautiful!! I would be honored to own any of these, but the top two are my favorites. Pure wildness in both of them.
    These days I’ve been listening to a lot of The Wailin’ Jennys, and my nighttime drink is spiked hot chocolate 🙂
    Be well!

  47. You are forever amazing me with your life and talent, I would be so honored to have one of your prints hanging in my home.

  48. You are forever amazing me with your life and talent, I would be so honored to have one of your prints hanging in my home.
    I’ve been listening to the willy Nelson roadhouse station on Sirius

  49. So happy that you are now sharing your photography in this way. (And I so appreciate your giveaways not including marketing and you always have the loveliest people commenting here with awesome suggestions for books and music…)
    I have been singing along with the Indigo Girls in the car and at home it has mostly been silence… although this morning there was some new Sarah McLachlan playing while I made dinner (to take to work) and cleaned the kitchen. A couple nights ago I sat on the front porch for a while around midnight and listened to the rain. It was glorious and I should do that more often.

  50. It’s winter where I live, and lately I’ve been coming home just as the sun sets. I catch the last glimmers of light as I walk my dog through the bush, then head on home for a steaming hot chai. In the evening, I listen to folksy channels on Spotify as I write under lamp light and my pup snoozes at my feet. It’s a sweet and cozy life.

  51. Creed just brakes my heart! I love all of these, as I love so so many of your photos. Thank you for sharing them. As for music times, right now I’m ALL ABOUT Icelandic bands! Arstidir is my current have. Hear this and I bet you’ll be in awe in spite of the crappy recording. Happy Travels!

  52. Finally is right! I have long loved your photography. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a gift and an inspiration every time I come here. You have such a talent – thank you for sharing it with the world. Your generosity inspires the same in me…

  53. Hey Plume! Sending sweet sun filled moments to you from the sweet sun filled Canadian Rockies. These days I have Valerie June, Shakey Graves, and Willy Watson playing loud and proud. My seeds are sprouting and the whole Bow Valley is coming alive. Life is beautiful, and so are you. Thank you for inspiring us all through your art, through your words, and through your soul. I am a lady of the Canadian North, and I am super curious to know where exactly you are from? Forever inspired by you, Dani.

  54. Melissa says:

    Listening to some Bow and Cello by Gretchen Yanover. Happy travels.

  55. Sipping on a little pinot grigio and enjoying the simpleness of a lush backyard. The colors and textures of the “Stay Connected” piece are gorgeous. They’re all lovely, however. 🙂 Hope you sleep well knowing your new project has officially launched to the world!

  56. Oh me, oh my! I’m making eyes at that ol’ swayback.
    Summer seems to be fluttering in and out of season in the Bay Area – it’s times like these I miss the steady dry heat of Los Angeles. With the welcoming of June, I’m just now thinking of Summer and my approaching birthday on the Solstice…I’ll be venturing to Palm Springs for a silent desert get-a-way – I’m giddy just thinking about fancy poolside drinks, guacamole munchin’, and gettin’ some tan on these legs! eep!
    My fingers are doubly crossed, as always.
    Love to you and yours, dearest jillian!

  57. yes, please….and, thank you!


  58. A big sigh of gratitude for the discovery of your blog. About a month ago when I discovered your blog I went to your website (I can’t even remember how I got there – Tiny House living maybe?) and then proceeded to read everything you have written. You vibrate with living energy as it reflects from the earth and oozes out your pores. Your art and photography are gorgeous. I loved the writing that went with Creed – water and the tides of life are powerful forces. I have also been musing much more about shedding skin into wildflowers and completing the cycles of life and death. My heart sings when I see you have posted something new and you inspire me to live a more mindful life. The PNW cool air leads me to drink saffron tea and I am rocking out with Lenny Kravitz this afternoon. Keep up the strong work! –

  59. Nothing feels better after a long day working on the farm than a cold PBR on the porch. Honestly, it’s what gets me through the hot summer season. That and all the beauty.
    Shine on, bright star!

  60. June in New Zealand is an entirely different creature to June in your part of the globe, I would have to say. Here, winter is starting to show herself– crisp, frosty mornings when my bed becomes a sanctuary I’m reluctant to leave. The upside of those chilly starts are days with clear blue skies and sunshine– enough to bathe my skin in a little of the golden glow and know that summer will indeed roll around again. My music choices for these cooler days are many and varied– driven by mood, mostly- but a little Tori Amos never goes amiss. Her new album is due out soon, and that is something I’m looking forward to. Another perennial favourite is Led Zeppelin– especially Ramble On, because it fits the mood of these days perfectly…especially when I’m driving. I always take the long way home when that track comes on. 🙂

    I look forward to reading about your travels– your words are always stunningly, achingly evocative, and I often feel like I’m right there beside you, drinking it all in, letting it slip beneath my skin to fill me up from the inside-out. Thank you for sharing the beauty of it all through your eyes, your soul. Your photographs add yet another dimension to it all– tiny glimpses of what your life is like across the oceans from where I am, places that I one day hope to see for myself. Thank you for those, too. If I’m fortunate enough to be one of the recipients of a photograph, I’d be happy with whichever one you think would like to come and live in New Zealand with me. Having a piece of your world in mine would be pretty amazing.

    Safe travels! xx

  61. I’ve been listening to old Tragically Hip – for some reason they are a summer classic for me! And peacefully snacking on greek yogurt + natural peanut butter + dark chocolate chips out on my deck once my kiddos are in bed.

  62. I’m listening to V. Menuetto Galante — otherwise unofficially renamed “Victory is a Gallant Man” ; )…classics are classics, I suppose…xo,Hbb

    • Classics are classics because they deserve to be. I must add I am a classically trained pianist (or at least I was, I’ve been 6 years without a piano now and fear I have developed RUST) I am going to listen to this right NOW…even though I never cared much for Mozart. I was forced to play him a time or two but my heart lays forever married to Schubert, Bach and Chopin. XX

      • I, too, am a classically trained pianist (without a piano, as well : )). More than ever do my ears appreciate classical music. You’ll have to find a piano and show us your favorite Chopins! Your un-loss and rust-free is our gainful gain ;). xoxo, Hbb

  63. Oh beautiful June…the perfect month to brew favorite coffees & teas like a madwoman, then stock my fridge with all sort of delectable iced beverages to be enjoyed later on the porch while my Sophie dog lays nearby. My favorite this week: Iced Blueberry Green tea, drizzled with local honey, in a stemless martini glass, with a colorful straw. At sunset. And a doggie ice cream treat for my pal. I see your incredible pictures and think of how my Sophie would love to be able to joyfully romp in the wilds like your trio of furbabies. We try to find what ‘wilds’ we can here in suburbia, wandering stealthily thru beaches & preserves ‘tho it’s no-dog season there. Have to take our wilds where we can get them. Cheers to you for sharing such generous glimpses into your lovely neck of the woods…thank you so very much!!! <3

  64. I love reading your words and seeing your pictures. There is always a story that makes me feel like I’m in the world you describe. I wish I were brave enough (and young enough)to climb those mountains and watch the sunsets. Thanks for what sharing your life.

  65. As always, so much love for all you do!

  66. Kate H. says:

    Oh the feather picture! I love that one. Mostly, I’ve been listening to Willie Watson and sipping on glasses of rosé. Happy travels!

  67. Sweet lady, I adore you. I do.


  68. nathalie carles says:

    “Stay Connected” my favorite of the 3 because it is the one that looks like you the most.
    I just came back from swimming (I live on an island on the west coast of Canada) the water was cristal clear, fresh but gorgeous and I got stung by a jelly fish! in June!!!! Usually jelly fish come at the end of the summer here? The north Pacific ones are not as nasty as the Mediterannean ones but…anyway it is like having been stamp like: Summer is here!
    I wish you a great trip where ever that will be, great holidays and I know you will come back with gorgeous photographs! can’t wait!
    Thank you for the idea of the give away!

  69. Lindsey says:

    These are so beautiful! I am always in awe of your photographs!

  70. Such a beautiful giveaway! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You brighten my evening after a long day of travel with restless kidlets 🙂
    Listening to a little classic Bruce Springsteen in the car today, driving Jasper to Edmonton… Born in the USA. Sipping red wine in the evenings… Bordeaux is my favorite, and always makes me happy.
    I would be honoured to hang one of your delightful prints on my wall. xx

  71. Old Swayback is a stunning capture!
    thank you for this lovely giveaway jillian.
    listening to ~ loreena mckennitt & jill barber. my daughter surprised me with jill barber tickets for mother’s day & she was amazing ~ love to support our Canadian talent.
    happy travels!

  72. Christine says:

    I long for my porch sadly I don’t have one at the moment.

    I end my days just before bed with cup of dried self harvested chamomile tea (occasionally adding lavender or passionflower) and just a small drop of local (magic) honey, giving my thanks out to the world.

    I hope if I am the lucky one to win you will please sign your print.

  73. Thank you for the fiveaways Jillian! The last one is my favorite, but I like them all.
    I’ve been listening to Tori Amos’s new album. A bit too east peacy Amos, but there are a couple of songs that I really like.
    Have a fabulous June traveling!

  74. Catherine Chandler says:

    Oh girl. I hugged baby horses today (Drum Horses) and thought of you.

    On the playlist–well, it’s pandora, really. Ane Brun for relaxing, Kimbra for running, and Jill Andrews for feelin’ good. Sending you love!

  75. I just wanted to let you know that to me, you are one of the most inspirational figures that I’ve ever come across – each one of your photos and thoughts radiates this beautiful, wild, colourful feeling of freedom which reminds me every time of how important it is to love life. So I would like to thank you for sharing all this with us. You are amazing.

  76. Neko Case.


  77. Lynsey Brooks says:

    Your images are always so stunning and I have always thought how wonderful it would be if some of them graced my home. What a wonderful and generous giveaway.
    These days I am rediscovering some music from my past, lots of rocking out to Slash is going on here right now

  78. what a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. I have been listening to coco rosie, sharon van etten, wye lake, neko case and beirut

  79. Good and safe travel.
    Love your work!

    Greetings from germany. 🙂

  80. ah, these june days have returned me to the coast of California. today we brought my dad home from a month-long stay at the rehab center and tonight he sleeps under his own roof once again, an enormous relief to me. sisters and daughters are arriving for my niece’s wedding this Saturday and we are all looking forward to celebrating some joyful events together.
    safe travels, sweet friend! i’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well on each of your adventures!

  81. Hi Jillian,
    Wanted to say Hi and also that I would immediately give this print to Chloe because you’re such an inspiration to her. She started her own blog and is about to start her new life after graduating with a BA Communication, after four long university years. 🙂

  82. Karen T. says:

    BEAUTIMONGOUS!!!! ( I think I just made that up)
    Happy and safe travels! Please blow Utah a kiss for me if you happen to pass through there on your journey. Oh, how I dearly I miss it out West! I’m spending my summer this year exploring my new (and mostly unfamiliar) New England surroundings. Adventures abound for all of us, indeed! XO

  83. isabelle says:

    I wake up this morning, listening bon iver and reading your last post.
    it’s a sunny day here and I think it will be a smart day.
    I wish yours will be as mine.
    please never change, I love your soul…….

  84. Anastasia Cox says:

    ‘Old Swayback’ felled me from the moment I saw it. This image is so full of your wonder at capturing the perfect match of horse back to mountain ridge. It retains the artist’s sharp intake of breath and awe at having been present to witness and record such confluence. I see in it a celebration of the reflection of all elements in one another… the earth’s poetry rendered so magnificent and wild as to be set free. This image fills my heart and soul, truly. I will treasure it always, whether in my mind’s eye or proudly hanging on my wall!
    Have much fun travelling far and wide! 🙂 xxx

  85. Dear Plume,
    OHHHHH how i love this old swayback! This picture and the one you’ve posted on march 19 of those two little green wheat (as it seems)in a shadow of blue and pink are my favorites in those past months. Strenght and delicate, peacefull and windy, a glorious mix of what life is made of! Actually i’m listening Caro Emerald “the shocking Miss Emerald” which is just making you want to wear a red dress put a big flower in your hair and dance dance dance!
    I wich you a wonderful trip now, the great pleasure to discover new places new landscapes , to be still amazed by the diversity and the richness of our world. Take care dear Jillian and enjoy! Love Anne Laure

  86. Have you ever fallen to your knees because of a sunset? There I was rooted to the freshly tilled earth, hair whipping in the wind. mesmerized. it was delicious.
    sip: hibiscus tea with lemon and a splash of agave
    listen: my fella playing Burn the Honeysuckle by The Gourds on his guitar

  87. Love the composition in Old Swayback. God bless!

  88. I’m totally obsessing over Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago all over again.

  89. Kicking Horse coffee (out of Canada!) and Dwight Yoakum “I’m a thousand miles from nowhere…”
    I seldom listen to country but this song is a killer, you know that!
    I’m racking my brain. Are you going back to Australia or are you going to Spain for some Spanish leathahhh…? xx

  90. So happy you are offering prints:)

  91. Good morning heart sister, I love your pictures as they remind me of what I see as I drive across Montana. The vivid blues , tans and in May eye gouging greens. The creeks and rivers are bursting with snow melt and everything is so alive . Evening musings on the front porch include a cup of Rasayan plash which is a longevity tea. For the tunes ? A bit of Glen Campbell and the Wichata Lineman. It is so odd to think how music experience has changed. Many years ago it was you in your car and the clear sounds of the artist. You and the radio . Now there is so much visual stuff that goes with it . Before it was more of an auditory experience. interesting how things change. Enjoy your wanderings.

  92. listening to Lake Street Drive while mixing up various cocktails with the rhubarb syrup I made…cheers to another season

  93. Lauran V says:

    Hi! I have to start the day with hot coffee and cream. Listening to the classic rock station on the way to work – gets the blood pumping, feeling like a teen again. Love all your jewelry, photography and writing – and dogs! You are beautiful.

  94. Oh, Jillian! To have one of your gorgeous prints hanging in my home – how delighted I’d be! Thanks so much for the chance and good luck to everyone!
    We just got back from Italy (!) and I’ve been addicted to Campari Spritz since :-), sipping away outside in my garden while listening to Cesaria Evora …. perfect pairing!
    Enjoy your time away! XX

  95. 6;44am coffee moment. it’s unusually quiet here for a Thursday with my older boy camping and my younger boy still sleeping. skies are blues and it’s going to be another sun filled day ocean side. soon i’ll wander out and see if the glass of beer trapped any slugs in the wee experimental garden…my current landscapes are quite different from yours but this space reminds me of times dreamt and spent. gorgeous gorgeous photographs. thanks for sharing.

  96. Hello:) it is a grand day here in Kentucky. It has rained after a bit of a dry spell….and everything looks so refreshed this morning including myself….I fret….when it doesn’t rain….because I am a gardener. I love that you seem to live the bulk of your life outside…me too. Your blog is so lovely…All of it. What do I listen to other than silence….Like one of the other commenters….I am a huge fan of the Wailin Jenny’s…. Melody Gardot….Ella Fitzgerald….a hundred others…but I of late have found….the Kongos….quite entertaining:) They hail from S Africa and play a mean accordian and drum….Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your pieces! xo

  97. Veronica says:

    Hi!! love your images, brimming with light and perfect composition. I’m currently listening to Nell, can’t get enough of them, love every album…

  98. Jillian- I’m so happy to know you, so proud of your continual artistic journey. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

    Lately there’s been a lot of my pandora Temperance League station (T.L. is my beloved’s band. I’m a full-on, no excuses groupie). Rock and Roll is one of the best options as we renovate our backyard this summer, digging, scraping, pouring concrete into cobblestone molds. Hard beats for hard work.

    Gin, elderberry liquor, and fizzy water as a reward.


  99. Good Morning!
    It’s pouring rain, and I’m loving hearing the sound of rain spattering on the leaves. I miss that in the winter.
    I’m listening to The Goat Rodeo Sessions – talk about an amazing group of musicians. Wow.
    Even my students like it, and they are passionate hip-hop fans.
    I hope all your traveling adventures are fabulous. I can’t wait to read about them.

  100. I have been enjoying listening to whatever it is I hear with my windows and front door open. Except the other day a bird flew in and scared the bejeezus out of me!

  101. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    Beautiful Photos, Jillian – and a lovely thing for you to offer! I’m in love with your photography that plays to my mountain soul! YEAAAA for travel! Hope you have a glorious time and safe journeys! My summer listening always brings out the oldies but goodies in random order – The Eagles, John Denver, Blood Sweat & Tears, Patsy Cline, Chicago. Roll down the windows and sing out loud music! 😉

  102. Love your work!

  103. All beautiful but let’s stay connected …enjoy your travels j xx

  104. I am so excited for this giveaway! How wonderful. I dreeeeeeam of being able to afford some of your jewelry. I am crossing my fingers for next Christmas, maybe 🙂 if I can remember how to save money for long enough! But I love your photographs – they endlessly are my background wallpaper on my work computer and are my number-one way to calm down at a stressful job… I just look at whatever photos of yours I have up there at the moment, and breathe. Right now it’s one of your water photos from the beach. Usually it’s photos of your dogs 🙂

  105. jenifer says:

    um…. international travel? does this mean you are coming to PARIS TO CELEBRATE MY 40 WITH MEEEEEEEE?????!!!! please say YES!!!!!

    i’m listening to a combination of WWOZ, straight outta new orleans, & npr – always love their first listen & all songs considered. i find more new music that way.

    also, excited to see what other prints you offer up. some of (well a lot) of your photos make me fill up to the brim with all things good inside.


  106. I’ve been listening to music with a new ear, picking out hilarious songs I’ve decided to convert into lullabies once this critter arrives in the fall. Tragically Hip, Stan Rogers, the Rolling Stones, anything and everything (with a healthy dose of Canadiana!) Also some folksie folks- Daniel, Fred and Julie, 100 Dollars and Fiver.

  107. Meghann says:

    How wonderfully generous of you to always share your beautiful work. My sweet boys and I love to sing along to feel good tunes on the road. We are every excited for the season change. We celebrate with worm hunting, backyard fires, and country music. Enjoy your travels sweet soul.

  108. You have found your gift and are living your purpose. You are a source of constant inspiration to keep doing what I love with fervor which nurtures my soul and rises me up. Angus and Julia Stone and Ben Harper whenever I’m in the shop. Iced green tea with Agave for these hot NorCal days as I sit on the deck humbled to witness the growth of three beautiful boys, two of the sweetest hens, and one lonely squash in the garden bed 🙂

    Safe travels!


  109. Here’s to warm summer nights and in our house delicious glasses of sacred basil tea.

  110. The last music I heard was me whistling Mahler’s 1st to the parakeets this morning. If only I could whistle like you wield a camera they might have been more impressed. I had to grab one of these photos for my tumblr feed, linked back here of course. Love this still life with your photo, plants, glass horse head, seedpods from an agave. Looking forward to reading/seeing photos of your travels!

  111. Thank you for sharing your creativity and the beauty of your life with all of us. A cold beer in front of the bonfire seems to be the beverage of choice on these warm, Minnesota nights.

  112. your travel plans sound exciting – have an amazing time!

  113. Wilding says:

    Living in Sweden the evenings are REALLY long at this time of year so sitting outside requires a long drink. Unfortunately the Systembolaget is half an hour drive, so it’s usually homemade Svartvinbärsaft on ice! Skol.

  114. Hola! acabo de descubrir tu blog y ya estoy maravillada! Sigo recorriéndolo 🙂 Gracias, desde Argentina BsAs

  115. Just discovered sparkling Belvoir Elderflower Lemonade from the UK at my local store here outside Chicago. Deliciously refreshing! I can’t recommend it more.
    Your photography takes my breath away. Have safe and splenderific travels my dear!

  116. All of your photos are so impressive, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’d have to say “Old Sway Back.” I’ve been listening to Moby, Kwabs and some old Bob Dylan with the wind in my hair and the
    dogs hanging out the back windows. I’m so happy to be back in CO this summer where the days are long and the nights are cool. Travel safe my friend.

  117. Dolores says:

    Hello Jillian,
    Every time I know about a giveaway coming from you, I just think “I want to have something from her with me”, like when you say I love your soul… well, I love yours, and what you do just comes from yours.

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things coming from your soul.
    And again, I’m sorry for my english, I’m sure I’d be able to express so much more if only I could speak in spanish, my mother tongue.

    Hugs from Argentina! xxx

  118. Travels, near and far – how wonderful; just like your beautiful photography!

  119. Dearest Jillian,

    Lately I’ve been finding the most amazing community of women who have been passing along messages of positivity (loving yourself, doing what you love, sisterhood) that I can’t help but feel the universe is sending me a rather blatant and strong message. Do you ever get these? Little spouts of wisdom and truth that seem to come at you every where you turn? I haven’t in such a long time… or perhaps I just wasn’t listening. Anyway, I’m feeling more at peace these days because of it. Hope all is well with you at your end.


    • Karen Wilkinson says:

      Dear Cathy,
      I feel exactly the same way. What a ~lift~ to read all these comments from all these wonderful women. Miss Plume has activated all this goodness and hope inside of us with her words and pictures… and philosophy.

  120. I’m going to go ahead and be selfish, I want another package to come addressed from down in Idaho! With a new house on the horizon, a pop of personality on a new wall would make my little heart sing:) cheers to travels, have fun!!!!

  121. Valerie June, Paper Bird, and Fruition. Such sweets sounds to get lost in.

  122. Lindsay says:

    Earl grey all the way!
    Love the prints, excited to see more to come!

  123. Lindsay says:

    Drinking? Home brew, always home brew. Enjoyed out of my handmade ceramic mugs. Crafted by my hubs to be a Imperial IPA with Simcoe hops. Music? Anything with a twang or Joni Mitchell. Your art in all forms inspires me everyday and I literally read your posts before I check my email. The sway back photo is truly a gem. I can’t wait to move away from the humidity of the East into the wilds of the west. Keep your words flowing and enjoy your travels. I and everyone here will wait for updates! June is a wonderfully beautiful month indeed!

  124. I’m sipping iced tea and listening to Hey Rosetta. It’s not that warm yet here in southern Alberta, but we’ll get there. I’m still unpacking from my recent move and would love to hang one of your gorgeous photographs on my wall!!

  125. nadya kotik says:

    I just found your blog. Amazing photos. I’m listening to Wonder by Amanda Cook. It seems to fit the beauty you capture in photos. May you never lose the wonder of a child!

  126. Congratulations Jillian on your newest venture and wishing you every success! Your photographs are stunning. I’m revisiting some old musical friends these days, listening to the soul wrenching vocals of Janis Joplin and the amazing falsetto of Chris Isaak. A rather eclectic selection but they both have such incredible voices. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful photographs. Deb

  127. Listening to my sweet baby girl these days & watching her smile as much as I can:) Ohhhhh, the hugs, the baby smell, the baby talk, all of it is so precious & I want to eat it all up so that the precious memories are just that! Oh overwhelming LOVE!!!! xoxoxo

  128. I just ate a mango in bed. Listening to my sweet baby girl snore a little snore.

  129. Such beautiful photos! Thank you of sharing

  130. I want to say thank you. I am a fellow metalsmith and have recently moved from Idaho to Washington. I cherish your blog for reasons too ample to state in this one comment, but here are two anyway…
    1. It makes me sweetly ache for the barren hills of our once shared state. I smell the sage and wind while perusing your photos. It is a wonderful thing.
    2. Your work reminds me that it is a noble act to pour one’s soul into each piece we create.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  131. Briauna says:

    Your photos are absolutely lovely & I find your blog incredibly beautiful & inspiring! Thank you so much for opening your home & your <3. I'm on a bit of an angus & julia stone kick at the moment and would love the opportunity to display your art on the walls of my home one day… Thank you <3

  132. Christine says:

    Hi Plume,
    Your beautiful images are another reminder that beauty is all around us. Thank you for capturing those moments.

  133. Gorgeous! Congrats!

  134. Just want to say how much I enjoy reading your posts, brings a smile to my day.

  135. i wish to you one day to visit Greece.
    i love your blog and your photos.

  136. Cynthia says:

    gosh….these really are lovely, as are most of your photographs. so wish we were lazing about on the porch, however Montana seemingly has misplaced the memo on spring.

    safe travels.

  137. I’ve long admired your photos; they are very print-worthy. Thank you for sharing.
    As a city gal, I do not own a car. But when I cruise on my bike, I’m known to blast Nahko and Medicine for the People or the Beach Boys. Tonight will find me at a concert-on-a-boat, sipping summer ale.
    Love and light to you!

  138. Wonderfuliferous!

  139. I would love to be the recipient of your beautiful art. Lately hanging out in my husbands art studio listening to a diverse mix that always includes our beloved Texas Red Dirt, playing with the pack of pups, goats, and kitties. Breathing in Springtime and appreciating a warm breeze, and warmth on my skin.

  140. Hi! Im one of the shy ones 😉 Discovered your work + blog a little while ago, and am so smitten with it. Thank you for the inspiration. Tanja

  141. Rhubarb infused vodka!

  142. Robin C says:

    This week I am listening to Jesse Collin Young, ‘Song for Julia’ and Phil Wickham’s “Heaven’s Song’

  143. Hi Jillian,
    your prints are absolutely stunning! Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog! Your are such an inspiration to me. I’m going to start rock climbing outside this summer (as I’ve been doing it inside for a year now) and I’m going to try my best to document every step of that adventure! I also wanted to say that I credit you for helping me get through my article writing class last summer and I am a month away from graduating with my Bachelor of Communication Studies! Woohoo!!! Thank you for the A and the endless inspiration 🙂

  144. jennifer says:

    hello 🙂

  145. kristan says:

    Ooh this is an exciting development! ha, see what I did there;) I love the horses, can feel the cold. These days I can’t stop listening to the Llewyn Davis soundtrack on repeat.

  146. Jacinta says:

    Keep doing what you do, as you do it so very well.

  147. melissa says:

    Safe travels and thanks for the giveaway!

  148. nikki rees says:

    I am so pleased you have found a way in which to sell your photos. I dearly love all three of the photos you have in your giveaway, but, I can not wait for you to make your mountain backdrop photos available. You make me want to explore my world through a camera lens, but alas, I have always sucked badly at taking photos 🙁 But, perhaps now is a time to learn 🙂

    This summer I intend on spending sunny afternoons sitting on my garden bench, sometimes with a good book, other times with good company, probably drinking fresh raspberry mule cocktails. I may even go wild, and turn them into grown up ice lollies. My mouth is watering at the thought.

    Safe travels and take lots of photos 🙂 xxx

  149. What a downright delightful giveaway chance indeed…these June days find me down in the yard with some Ben Harper, on my little hillside in the country not far from the sea, tending to all things and soaking in the warmth of the sun…then later sipping a little Pinot Grigio on the patio whilst cuddling up with two wee ones and 3 four legged lovelies…that’s that.

  150. My favorite Michigan summer beer… Bell’s Oberon, with an orange wedge

  151. Schirin says:

    June = tart rhubarb, first mosquitoes, dirt under nails again, rebirth of day stretched into evening stretched into early morning sunrise bliss. Warmth and the promise of SUMMER’s sweetness. A little nostalgia, always, and a taste of uncertainty drawn out by the peregrinations of weather and mind. Time to be bold, fearless, tender, full of heart. Thank you for putting all that into your images.

  152. What a beautiful giveaway Jillian! I adore your photography (-: Thank you so much for the inspiration that you always bring! Summer sips include homemade iced tea with mint from the garden. Yum! xx

  153. Your work is so inspiring! I read very few blogs but come here for your top notch writing, stunning photos and the most original jewelry. If you are ever interested in a trade, I’m a painter, I’d be honored if you took a look 🙂 Thanks for your generosity!

  154. Chelsea Wiggleston says:

    Safe, splendid adventures ahead for you. The sun is falling behind the Victoria legislature buildings out my living room window on another perfect day. I’m in love with this town, the people and the swaying of the trees in the ocean breeze.

  155. Roberta Malkiewicz says:

    Count me in. I would love the Swayback, though of course all your photos are so beautiful.
    As I have told you before. I so enjoy reading your blog and being taken away to another
    way of life that I just love observing. Your free spirit is inspiring.
    I am just an oldies lover when I am in my car. My teen years were 60’s and I loved the 70’s music
    too. It’s how I learned to play drums.. I also love contemporary Christian Music also, Rita Springer. Powerful. Julie Meyer “Unto the Lamb” Based on Rev:5 Wow!! There are so many great artist.
    Will spend two glorious weeks at our beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ. I just love our deck and I read so many books. It is so relaxing and I can not wait. Walks on the beach at dusk it wonderful also. Well have a wonderful time with Robert.

  156. Oh my! I swoon for your pictures 🙂
    Right now it is Winter so I am sipping tea. I have been listening to a lot of 80’s and heaps of Aussie indie.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  157. A brief patch of sunshine among heavenly rain for our garden this morning.
    May the sun shine on your travels!
    Road trip music Into the Wild soundtrack Eddie Vedder
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us.

  158. My, My! I for sure love that old swayback photo! It makes my gypsy heart flutter every time I see it!… In terms of what I’ve been listening to, it is quite a clash of a collection: Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion (going to see him next month, too! So excited), Amos Lee, Big ‘Ol Dirty Bucket (if you haven’t heard them and like funk, go listen, they are AMAZING!!! And so much fun to see live!), Barrington Levy, and G-Love are just some of the artists… As for delicious drinks or libations, I am a big time tea drinker, so I have been enjoying lots of nettles and mixing it with different herbs like lemonbalm (one of my personal faves), rosehips and rooibos (just a few). Enjoy your adventures, can’t wait to see photos!
    Shine on!

  159. Yes! I savor your images and would love to have them join my home.

  160. Your photography is always inspiration and beautiful. And these images are gorgeous, I would be humbled to get to display them in my home. 🙂

  161. …been listening to late night radio, my sweetheart’s fingerpickin’, the howl of coyotes, and the early morning birds…

  162. Samantha Speake says:

    Hello there! I stumbled across your blog so recently, and found it because of your sweet GSPs! I have two of my own, and they are the loves of my life. I have been looking through the history of your blog and am in awe of the beautiful pieces you create, and the wonderful landscapes you are lucky to explore so often! I hope one day to be able to have incredible scenery, my dogs by my side and my hands creating wonderful art. Thanks for being a constant reminder of my dreams!

  163. Beautiful prints! I love your photography!

    I’ve been listening to Yuna and Jessie Ware-soulful ladies!

    Blessings and love!

  164. Stunning! I do need to comment more in general because your photos and words and spirit speak so strongly to me.

  165. Oh, yes please! Thank you!

  166. Nice photos; have fun on your adventures

  167. OH!
    just, oh.

    music in my ears these days have been delightfully canadian. 2 albums that just looped through tonight: 1) the jerry cans (nunavuttitut); 2) jay gilday (all that i can give for now)

    sending you xo’s from the great white!

  168. Your work is lovely. Been listening to “Won’t You Come Over” by Devandra Banhart. Thanks for such a generous giveaway! Xo

  169. Heather says:

    I’m currently listening to Osha Levgin’s album Mirrors of the Wild – especially his song Alive (about feeling most alive while you are outside :).

  170. these are beautiful! i’d love to win one!

  171. Maritza says:

    listening to birdsong………….
    looking at glorious green growth spurts in the middle of London…………….
    if, on your travels, you happen to pass by my way stop awhile for a chinwag & a bite to eat

  172. Jen Letts says:

    Vince and Nico go quite well with peach sangria as the sun sinks but Radical Face demands a slow sipping, rich and velvety red wine as the moon rises.

  173. Caroline says:

    Currently listening to the new Penny and Sparrow album Struggle Pretty.
    It’s great listening while sitting on the porch drinking a cup of coffee
    watching the sun set behind the trees. I really enjoy reading your blog while
    I’m studying in a stuffy college library! Thank you for being a great distraction
    from my studies! Enjoy your traveling. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  174. I have been following alongside, listening to your soul for a while now. I’m a shy one, a bit of an introvert, but couldn’t help but respond to this post. Your photography is amazing, as well as the breathtaking scenery, and add your storytelling to it, what a beautiful read! Old swayback speaks to my soul, reminding me of my late father and his horse, roaming his ranch in western Colorado. He loved nothing more than to saddle up and head up to the high country to bag his elk. Amazing how one persons art will stir such strong memories in another ones chest. Thank you for the beautiful photos and stories. We also raise German shorthair
    pointers, or they raise us? My dad and my husband Rob had many good times on their quail and pheasant hunts. I think a photo of you and your handsome dog was how a found your blog. The jewelry you make is wonderful, inspired by nature. You are blessed with many gifts. Looking forward to following along as you wander. Happy trails.

  175. I so adore your photography. You inspire me. I hope I’m not too late to enter…

  176. Beautiful photos! Well done, keep on creating!!!

  177. Hello! I’m sipping some lavender kombucha and cuddling on the couch with my dog. Cheers! Oh, also listening to Shakey Graves.

    Be well,

  178. Christina Edwards says:

    How can someone not love your story of life :o)
    Continue on your wonderful journey

  179. Hooray! Finally you talented woman! First Getty images, then prints. I’m so thrilled to see this.

    I’ve been listening to Bartok and Blink 182. Drinking sun tea.

  180. LOve your soul. Love your spirit. Inspired by what i see in both. I really need to save money and buy alot of your stuff. I have currently been listening to “The Raconteurs.” I used to be very much into new wave and punk as a young person. I lost my love for music for many years. Now iam discovering my love for music and art again. I’ve enjoyed messaging you about your beautiful jewelry. Can i put a deposit on something and pay it off and after it is paid off you can make the piece. With my budget that might be the only way i can afford anything. But i must have something you have created. It warms my soul 😀 <3

  181. Michelle says:

    Its been years now since I first started reading your blog and probably the only blog that I have ever truly stuck with. I dont check the blogs regularly but I always come back to yours!! I then find myself back tracking on what I missed. You are always uplifiting, but then again “real” when you need to be, a breath of fresh air. lets not forget the talent! Whoa! the talent. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. You are so inspiring and I would be sooooo happy to win one of these pictures……….I must say, I love the first. LOVE!

  182. All of those images are so lovely. You have a very full life and I love getting a peek.

    I’ve been drinking bourbon lemonades on the back porch with my main fella while my pup does hot laps in the cool evening air. Hilarious moments are abundant.

  183. All of your work is so beautiful – so deeply moving. I thought of you last week when my Grandma was cleaning out her jewelry box between the four granddaughters and divvying up the treasures. Most of the pieces were agates worked thru to full glory by my grandfather’s hands. I am the eldest and got first pick and then also all the leftovers that aren’t in settings. I am wishing for your skills so I can turn them into magical pieces!

    Let’s see… music wise, I’ve mostly been listening to my daughter sing “when I wear my magic tutu” on eternal repeat. But by choice, I just have a thing for Lyle Lovett and Chet Baker.

    Happy ‘streaming!

  184. i think you understand-

    ‘I discovered that what was inside of me was infinite… that you can go down to the bottom of my soul and keep reaching, reaching and reaching. That everybody is like that: the power, the majesty that we all have as human beings is unthinkable, unfathomable. That’s what I brought to my dancing.’ … Lisa Niemi, dancer

    thanks for giving!

  185. Happy summer! As always, thank you for all of your beautiful posts. Looking forward to hearing about what adventures your travels will bring. My music to work to this week is Jose Gonzalez. If you have not heard him, I think you would like him.

  186. your blog inspires me so much…i love reading tidbits of your life and adventures. the images are so lovely…i’m crossing my fingers to win one : )

  187. Mandy Jean says:

    Sitting in a hammock chair in my backyard, the hammock chair I hauled back from Nicaragua. I’m sipping a gin and tonic. Not just any old G&T but made with a homemade tonic syrup. It’s the best ever!

  188. Superiorspirit says:

    I live near the shores of the most beautiful inland sea. I am about to be a fire wife and find your work breathtaking, freeing and hopeful. I can’t stop listening to the Civil Wars. I think you’d like them. They are full of raw emotion and love. Peace and safe travels.

  189. Michele Chuan says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Love love love your photos – missing you heaps! Hope your trip with your man is full of love and laughter.



  190. Have loved your work for a while, but especially enjoy your adventures and images. You paint a beautiful picture of wilderness, exploring and joy for your readers – thank you!

  191. Hello! Everything from your hands is so beautiful. I’m listening to Emily Jane White these days, you should to, think you’d like it. Xxx

  192. I have an inner yearning to be out in the wilds…when I gaze at your landscape shots, they truly leave me in awe of the magnificent world God has provided for all. I love the rugged natural beauty that you capture so very well and it spurs me to make the most of my time here and explore more! I admire your artistry and so enjoy reading about your adventures!! There’s a place for your photos on my wall ready and waiting.

  193. I love to read your blog!! Especially when you talk about Idaho. My daughter moved out that way a few years ago, and I have fallen in love with the area. So to hear you talk about it makes my body ache for the mountains!!!! I live around the Chicago area, so to be out there is true freedom to me. My hopes is to work another year and a half, then move out that way………. Sometimes I feel my soul belongs there! And yes, you have a talent, and your work is so down to earth…….
    Thanks for listening…………Keep up the good work………….

  194. Bonjour from Paris,
    Sis, it’s about time you started selling your prints. I bet they are even better in person. Happy travels.

  195. beautiful pieces. these days i listen to podcasts on my too long commute, usually food-related ones. i find them relaxing after a long day.

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