One Beautiful Little Buckskin Bag

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I’ve been known to dabble in leather…make a bag or two, every now and again.

Here’s a new leather bag built of buttery, sumptuous deer hide and two sterling silver bison conchos, made by me, from scratch.  I’ve always been a real fiend for fringe and a big fan of Plains Indian style leather work.  This little purse design incorporates both those affections by the nature of the fact that it’s a classic buckskin bag, stitched together by hand, and fringe-a-licious to boot — each piece of fringe measures about 10 inches in length making for plenty of movement and sway.  I’ve stitched an interior pocket inside of this purse which is the perfect size for a phone (if you’re one of those modern women…) and the shoulder strap IS adjustable.  This bag is my own design (I created the pattern), dreamed up, drafted up and crafted up all by me with plenty of love.

Use it for strolling around town, use it for stowing your goodies while you’re out adventuring and collecting, use it however you like.  Watch it get better with age.

Built to last.  Made with love.  Crafted to hand down to the generations next.

I love your soul.

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  1. ah, yeah.
    the bag is beautiful, and so is this post.

    love you.

  2. I need this bag.
    for reals.
    it is an encapsulation of everything that has been on my mind and in my heart lately.
    and you wear it so well.

  3. the bag is beautiful!!!

  4. Fringe like buttah. And that conch!!!
    You’ve been inspired by summer, looks like. One of neatest thing I’ve ever seen.
    I wonder, could you make a pair of moccasins to match? Thank you. xx

  5. That dress!!
    You and summer work well together.

  6. perfection
    all of it
    just went to the shop and saw that transformation ring….HELLO!!!!
    mamma love

    you’re amazing

    love and light

  7. Just spectacular, I need this bag, I think I would sleep with it!

  8. a ya aya…so beautiful…want to sniff it xx

  9. Oh Plumage, your talents continue to amaze me!

  10. Such a lovely bag… and in that light!!!
    I keep wandering around your blog, and am enjoying seeing your view of the world.
    You live in such an amazing place. The silence must be amazing sometimes.

    • It is very beautiful here and something that makes it so is the fact that it’s seriously underpopulated. The silence is amazing. The solitude astounding, at times. Robert and I were dreaming the other day and we realized we want to live in this state until we die.


      It’s just that incredible! At least it is for the heart that is willing to see it as such.

      This is the most home-est place I have ever lived. I hope I never have to leave.

      • Isn’t that the best gift! To know you are where you belong…
        I’m so lucky to live by the ocean. I watch the sun rise over the Atlantic (and the fog, and the rain, and the snow and the…) every day on my way to work. I love it.
        I grew up in a quiet little town, rode/played with horses every day, and I love and miss that too. I’m an odd mix of city and country I guess.
        Anyway, I’m so happy for you that you are doing what you love, and living where you love.
        And I’m happy for me that I found your beautiful blog.

  11. Simone Turner says:

    Lady Plume you are so freakin cute!! And that bag…Perfection!
    Well done!

    • Simone!
      I always love your exclamations.
      And I may name one of my future laying ducks SIMONE…I hope that’s alright with you.

      • Simone Turner says:

        Really???! A duck named Simone! Hells yeah sista, name away!! I would love to see a picture of this little ducky when she is ready for her close up, of course! Heeheeheehee.

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