Rounding Up The Strays


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IMG_6491Hello, friends, and happy Monday to you!  I combed through the archives this morning to round up a handful of strays — images that never made it to the blog, that is!  We had a lovely dumping of snow here yesterday and I’m headed out with the dogs to skijor for most of the day.  It’s my main priority today and it’s about time.  I have a serious case of cabin fever even though I’ve been out on the mountain every single night for the past 31 days!  Let me tell you first hand, March came in like a lion and went out like a lion.  I’ve loved all the roaring!

I’ll be downshifting in the studio over the next few days as I have run my metal supply down to the nubs.  I plan to place an enormous re-supply order this week (that they will probably have to deliver by armored truck…it’s going to be so darn big…) and take a few days off to run about the forests and rivers like a little scoundrel.  I hope you are all well!  This week is looking bright.  Get after it!



  1. A wonderful bunch of strays you have there. Looks like you’ve been busy….get out and enjoy that snow!

  2. werekitty says:

    Who’s the handsome triplicate canine?
    Have you multiplied?

  3. I loooove those leaf print earrings. Gorgeous.

    Always enjoy your photos, thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing photos… gorgeously rich. Love the pic of the pups -so handsome! …and the hunky guy with the locks!? hello. 🙂

  5. Enjoy the mountains…our third term has just begun…the long haul : )

  6. Sugilite and feathers!!! Divine!!! All divine, as usual : )

  7. Everything beautiful. Every. single. photo. Love it.

    The first one seems like the cover of a memoir I badly want to read, haha.

  8. Oh those pictures make me long for Winter. It’s almost the middle of Autumn here and it still feels like Spring/Summer. That cuff is absolutely Gorgeous!

  9. Thanks as always for all the beauts! Enjoy that snow while you still have it!

  10. How fun to still be skijor-ing—- I just loved your race story. Every, single picture you post (as someone mentioned before me) is just beautiful. The pictures of you look like you are incredibly happy. I can’t pick a favorite, but I think you chose the right masthead picture– with that colorful shirt and your arm around Tater!

  11. I finally got it together and made it to the shop in time to get my paws on exactly what I wanted… I’m soo excited! 🙂

  12. egg cups.
    berry earrings.
    my favourite striped tee.
    gosh. this is a perfect composite of stray photos!

  13. So many good things! xoxo

  14. Look at that adorable gaggle of puppies!


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