In The Studio

IMG_9581elk good IMG_9614elk good IMG_9635elk good IMG_9639elk good IMG_9640elk good IMG_9671elk good IMG_9680elk good IMG_9696elk good IMG_9710elk good IMG_9720elk good IMG_9733elk goodMan, I’m just having the most beautiful day.  Robbie and I have been working in the studio, side by side, me on my stuff, him on studio finishing.  It’s loud.  He just framed out the window between the rooms.  We have music playing.  Every now and then we kiss.  Outside there is snow falling, fat flakes whimsically adrift on an easy breeze.  In a few moments I’m going to take the big dogs for a skijor.  They’re a little neurotic and I am too — we deserve a good long run — and all this fresh snow means we are going to fly.

I’m planning a medium sized shop update for Friday.  Hang tight.


  1. i’m not gonna lie. i want one of these.
    i carry your heart in my heart. like always.

  2. Good to see you in action. I hope this means you’re feeling well.

  3. Those fat flakes are making me so wanting to look up at them with open mouth and eyes. The tidy row of sticks are absolutely gorgeous as are those lovely green stones. Love how the snow weighs down on the leaves… pleasant sigh xx

  4. werekitty says:

    those are lovely!!!!
    What creature?!?!
    We all want to know 😉

  5. If I start flapping now, I could make it there by tomorrow’s nightfall. xoxox

  6. Those wolf rings are BAD!!!
    I love all the greens in the images and the feel of it all. What a rockin’ day in the studio, complete with stick stringing and kisses and pressed tea.
    What a happy post and may those boys pull you as fast as Apolo Ohno!!

  7. Northern lights trapped in orbs above wolf heads!! Dreamy!
    (I’ve been ski-less for ages and my new ones arrive in a week- I can’t wait to harness up the husky-beast and hit the flakes! Been ski-joring vicariously through you!)

    (Your posts seem to bring on all the exclamation marks in me!!)

    • The exclamation point is my favorite punctuation mark. Use as many as you like!

      You are supposed to have magnificent lights up there this week! We may even see them here. I have my fingers crossed…nothing would take me home quite like the northern lights.

      Heck! Girl! Glad you have skis coming! We have more fresh snow this morning and I’ll take the dogs up the mountain for a workout later today. Pure heaven.

  8. Gah!! Did you say wolf?? Man oh man I am going to have to obsessively refresh your shop on Friday 😉 Glad you are feeling better. xoxo

  9. Awwwwww!!! Perfect! Color, share, size. The wolf. The wolf!


  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous photography. Stunning jewelry. More please.

  11. Your images reflect the contentment of your words. You are a happy bunny in these cold temperatures I can see! Good luck with the studio rebuild, and getting over snuffles and the aches that come with it.
    Thank you again for your kind words Jillian – they really touched me deeply.

  12. your photography always amazes me and as sad as this sounds, being a city mouse, i look at your pictures and i feel like its a mini vacation a mini teleport to that place were i can almost feel plants against my fingers and take in the cold air in my breath. i love your work, how crazy is it that you drew that rabbit and made a case for it , how did you do that ? < not very tech advanced
    with much admiration georgia

    • Georgia, you are too kind. I’m happy to transport you in any way I can from those city streets to my mountain trails. Thank you for being here! And I must add, I, too, am not very technologically advanced and I actually bought that phone case! HA!!!


  13. These photographs just made my day. 🙂

  14. Hi Jillian, I too want one of those wolf rings, gorgeous. Will you ever make some rings in a size 9 so I can buy one? Also, I want to make one of those stick mobiles – did you cut the sticks (cuz they don’t look it) or did you actually find all the different lengths? I have sticks all over the place I’ve collected, what a brilliant idea, thank you and have a wonderful day!

    • Two of these wolf rings are larger in size…one may even be slightly larger than a size 9.

      I did not cut the sticks for my mobile. They are all beaver chewed and stripped, river drift woods that I collected over the summer whenever I was out fishing. I just managed to find a wonderful array of sizes perfect for a graduated mobile. I think it would look lovely if you had sticks all of a similar size though. Make something beautiful with what you have!

  15. This post reminds me of an Annie Dillard quote – – ” How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” You two have built such a beautiful life…Always inspiring. ( + those swoonables! eep! )

  16. I am so going to be lurking, waiting to snatch one of those rings. Gorgeous green beauties!

  17. ~delicious wrapped up in green is how this post makes me feel…you can feel your energy jumping from this page that is written…contentment…excitement…a great stirring abounding…a beautifully captured wintry day…much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  18. your grimy work-hardened hands. that’s what i love about this post.

    • My hands are ALWAYS grimy. I had my hair cut yesterday and my stylist went to give me a hand massage and I could tell she was looking at my poor bedraggled hands and she even said, “Your poor hands…”

      HA HA!

      Comes with the territory, I suppose. 🙂

  19. This collection of photos delights me so much. This year is a back to the studio year for me in a big way… and I’ve always wanted to make one of those driftwood mobiles. Perhaps that will be a project–with frozen lakewood. Thanks for inspiring me always, Jillian!

  20. Happy new year my precious friend!

    Oh, i wish i was a fly on the wall in your studio.
    Such beauty…


  21. just so lovely – love the pretty stones & the rings are gorgeous 🙂

  22. Those wolf rings are gorgeous. Excited to go for a walk this morning, gather thrift wood, then get back into my studio. Also terrified ‘cos the studio is still a mess from our move 😉 I bet a nomad like you would just chuckle at that.

  23. These photos make my heart feel very, very glad. I am in love with your hares and your sticks and those hardworking hands of yours!
    xoxo Kerry

  24. oh gaspy my. those rings are just plain beauty my dear. xxx.

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