In the cleft of the rock.

[sterling silver, geode slice, jade and 23 karat gold]

[sterling silver & geode slice]

Aren’t these beautiful?  I don’t mean that in a self-promoting way.  I just mean, when I look at these necklaces, I feel like I’m looking at beauty.  Unfettered, natural, raw beauty.  Like when I wake up  on some mornings and my lips are the perfect color (plump with sleep), my hair is gently waving, my eyes are dark and glimmering, I don’t need make up and I don’t notice what clothing I put on — I just step out of bed pretty, pink, feminine and beautiful.  I’m raw.  I’m real.  I’m me.  I guess that’s what I see in these necklaces.  I love that they lack a narrative, outside of the regular stuff behind the Lichen Series I’ve been working on (for months now — I can’t get away).  The beauty of them is free-standing.  The work alone is enough.  I want more of that.


I feel like I’m traveling one thousand rivers, all at once.  The currents are zany, unpredictable, lemon scented.  The eddies are trout bearing  I am master and commander of my tiny ship.  Eventually I go to the sea.  As all things do.


Here, at the little cabin in the woods, I am in the cleft of the rock.  There’s a holding and freeness that bears a sort of forgiveness, or grace, with every sigh the fir trees let out in the swoop of the wind.  The light strains like violas in the early morning, cresting up through the gap, prickling night and setting the ponderosas alight.  I see directly East from the loft window which is broad in scope.  I watch each day descend into bright, every morning, from my little perch.  I am so glad to surrender to being here, in this lovely place, in my very self.  I often wonder what else there is to be, outside of gentleness to self and others.  I have consumed seven cups of tea today.  The mornings bring a chill.


I don’t ever want to miss anything but there are distances I cannot cover with the thin spread of myself.  I suppose part of life is simply figuring out where to be and at what time.


Did I mention RW is coming home tonight?  I can’t even really convey how glad it makes me.  He’ll be here, with me at the cabin, for at least one night.  A friend and I are making a taco feast and pitchers of margaritas for all the boys, over at the base mess hall, upon their return.  There’s going to be laughing and stories.  I’m looking forward to it.


  1. Oh honey, your words never fail to move me…to make me think outside myself and into the realm of what is natural and right. You necklaces are definitely lovely and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time with RW!

  2. They are beautiful.
    I agree with gentleness, it is so very important.
    I am happy that you will have company.

    Tacos sound very yummy.

    7 cups? You rock.

  3. it seems to me there is a sacred in where you are at….

    dinner at the base sounds fun!

    and YES
    those necklaces are raw, intimate beauty indeed!!

    love and light

  4. Very, very beautiful, my friend.
    And I wish you happiness in what you are, and in what you will become.

  5. Gorgeous! Sleep always seems to bring out the pretty. I was noticing it again today, getting my wee girl up from her nap. Rosy, plump and beautiful!
    Enjoy your night with your man!

  6. AY AMA! Indeed, these pieces reek pure beauty! Adoring each and every post, as always.

    happy night to you and your man!

  7. the jewellry, the words (which are your heart), but in particluar this… “.. I often wonder what else there is to be, outside of gentleness to self and others…”

  8. everthing you do, everything you say is all beautiful.
    even the way you love your friends: pure beauty.

  9. Our little home has had artists who lived upon this land in many years past… I am delighted to find the beautiful tailings of rocks and crystals that were returned to the earth. Slices of polished beauty surface regularly. Just recently we found 3 polished Apache tears in the upturned earth from one of our resident gophers.

    • Treasures! What a wonderful place to live! Our home in Idaho belonged to a pair of artists before us and I think the property holds a sort of bohemian spirit, under all the paint and conifer branches and plum trees…so special.

      Apache tears!
      Tremendously beautiful.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I have just read this post, a little late I know but it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have read!
    As for the jewellery…… They just touched my heart, there is something magical and moving about them that I cannot put into words. They were meant for the earth and I love them for that.

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