Mamma made a batch of biggies:

Small Collections Ring:  beach pottery from Mendocino County, ocean jasper, river rock from the Methow River Valley & sterling. 

Small Collections Ring:  ocean jasper, pearl, river stone from the Methow River Valley & sterling.

Arpeggio Ring:  Kentucky agate & sterling.

Arpeggio Ring:  Imperial jasper & sterling.

Waif Ring:  Sterling & 22 karat gold. 

I’ll be listing these rings in the shop on Friday! 

I really miss enameling.  
For months, it’s been too hot to run my kiln in my studio.  Boy howdy.  I’m going to go berserkers when October rolls around.

Thank you.
You don’t know.
You won’t EVER know,
what your support means to me.


  1. *crosses fingers and toes that one of these will fit me*

    Absolutely stunning.



  2. Elizabeth says:

    My goodness. o.o Those are biggies. If I tried to wear any of those, surely my small little fingers would pop right off. xD
    Beautiful work, though. I love that you don't just use gems in your work. The beach pottery shows that anything, no matter how simple, can be beautiful, too. ^o^ And that's exactly what it is.

  3. Catherine Chandler says:

    OOOH, those are gorgeous!! I love these little collection, all with stories behind their artifacts. That chunky cast ring looks super comfortable and tactile 😀

  4. mmm i must say, i'm excited for more enameling. in earring form. these are beautiful!!

  5. Sierra Keylin Jewelry says:

    Me gusta the biggies…they are my favorites!!!

  6. C. Tvillingmamma says:

    So nice! 🙂

  7. Kathleen says:

    love the colors and they are amazing!

  8. OHHHH don't stop!

  9. These are really nice. That imperial jasper is a wonderful stone!

  10. did you REALLY have to say "mamma made a batch of biggies"? that kind of made me sick to my stomach. but in other news, i'm so proud of you. indescribably, overwhelmingly, abundantly, rampantly proud. your life certainly shouts and sings of a great mercy.

  11. The Noisy Plume says:

    M: !!!!! I'll cross my fingers too!

    Elizabeth: I've been loving these small collections too…it's peaceful to sit at my workbench and simply arrange colors and textures until I see something that looks like home. x

    Cat: Thanks girl. x

    Jordan: I know. I can't wait for cooler weather.

    Sierra: HA HA!!! 🙂 Mine too.

    C: Thank you.

    Kathleen: Thanks girl!

    Cat: I shant!

    Ketra: You have a good eye! That's a stone for a collector!!! 🙂

    She: I surely did. I knew it would make you dry heave. HA HA HA!!! As for that last bit, I'm only as good as my best friends help me be — every moment you're in my life, my life is better for it. x

  12. :O)

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