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To love the soul of another is to love the most unique, most delicate, most strong, most beautiful part of a person.  When I say, I LOVE YOUR SOUL, I mean it.  I’m not a master of soul loving, I’m human.  Sometimes I let myself get in the way of myself…and I fail to love.

I love your soul is something I say fairly frequently.
I hallmark my work with the phrase,
I believe in the actions and thoughts that make the phrase true.
And now I’ve put those words on a tote bag — 
something common, something every day.

You’ll use this bag to carry fresh carrots and rhubarb from your local farmer’s market.
You’ll put your library books in it.
You’ll use it to carry your latest knitting project.
You’ll give one to a friend.
You’ll gift one to a daughter or a mother or a brother.
You’ll carry it onto an airplane and shove it under the seat in front of you.

No matter where you carry it or how you use it, you’ll be reminding yourself to love the souls of others, and you’ll be reminding others that you love their souls.

What a beautiful thing!

I’ll be listing these tote bags in my shop but I’m also
giving five of these bags away
here on my blog.

To enter the drawing for them, please simply: 
leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know 
what you think is the very best way to love the soul of another (if you are shy with your words, just say whatever you want).
Please include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
As always, I can never say it enough, thank you for your utterly incredible support, now and always.
The Plume



  1. oh oh oh, i must have one! i need it!! i have knitting what needs putting in it πŸ™‚

    i find the besst way to love a soul is to let go… let go of things they say that might offend or hurt and know that they need the love anyway. and to love the quirks as much as the magical things they do.

  2. Riding Rails says:

    Go for your dreams! Think big! Pursue your talents and passions! Hearing this from my friends and family is food for my soul and encourages me to give, give, GIVE in the same manner back to my loved ones. I love supporting my friends in living out their soul desires…

  3. Riding Rails says:

    Aw darn – I forgot to include my email address! πŸ™‚

  4. Lorelei Eurto says:

    Loving your generous soul right now!

  5. Mari Huertas says:

    The very best way to love the soul of another
    is to love even in darkness
    even in ugliness
    even when it's hard.

    The very best way to love the soul of another
    is with an open heart
    and open mind
    and gentle eyes.

    The very best way to love the soul of another
    begins when we are children
    and give our love freely.

    It disappears into lust when we are teenagers
    and young things moving heavily through emotion
    that we cannot name, but call love.

    It sweeps us again when we are grown,
    sometimes long into our adulthood,
    and reminds us
    to treat others kindly and with

    The best way to love a soul
    is a life-long lesson.

    I'm still learning.
    Are you?


  6. Andes Cruz says:

    Oh, these are wonderful. I desire!
    * loving soul to soul – being open to it all, loving the fullness, the bright and the dark, what we want, and what we don't. Compassion, Depth, acceptance, non-judgment- the fullness, the totality. loving for the act of loving fully and completely. Loving without the action of expecting anything in return. It's a higher thing,a deeper thing, a soulful thing…..

  7. Lizzy Derksen says:

    The very best way to love Tim's soul is to argue about philosophy with him. Sometimes I fail to do this and instead bake him rhubarb crisps, which he appreciates, but the part of Tim that loves to talk about epistemology to me is the strongest, most delicate, and most beautiful part of him.

  8. wildfennel says:

    hi jillian. this is such a beautiful message. i've actually just written a story for a dearest friend. the story is called two halves. it's about him and me: we were once two halves of the same apple but two giants separated us. i became a plant and he a branch. one november morning the branch found the plant again and with the summer season they begot a whole new apple. i did write it to tell him how much he means to me. i will be posting the whole story with two pictures on my flickr page soon. take care, b

  9. lindsay michele says:

    Assume the best in someone. It's much more enjoyable than the alternative.

    (I might have a tote bag obsession…shhh, don't tell!)

  10. Well. I've always thought the best way to love someone else in body AND soul is to feed them delicious food made with love. I was brought up on amazing, well prepared food cooked with oodles of love by my mama and I really enjoy feeding others with the same adoration and respect. Cooking for my family and friends is one of my alltime favourite pasttimes, and luckily that love is shared by my hubby who is a fantastic cook and very adventurous in the kitchen. In the last year he's become very excited about smoking his own meat – we even made our first batch of homemade sausage last weekend! All we need to do now is start raising or hunting the meat for said smoking projects. I also think loving another's soul by listening to and supporting them is infinitely important. I try hard to do that in all my relationships (and sometimes fail, but what is life without trial and failure?).

    love YOUR soul.

  11. The Noisy Plume: says:

    I KNEW these responses would be beautiful!

  12. I always admire your way with the words. Your phrase is simple but has a lot in it. I think I might love the soul behind those words<3

    To love a soul of another is to openly love your own. Never ever forget yourself Β΄cause then youΒ΄re not capable of truly loving anything or anyone else.


  13. Jenn-with-2-n's says:

    HEEYY! We gots the same shoes on today!! Are they Tom's shoes? I love my Tom's!

  14. Michelle says:

    I think when you can let go of your ego and see beyond the egos of other — beyond their insecurities and fears and cover-ups, then you can love their soul and (hopefully) they yours.

  15. The Noisy Plume: says:


    ….you gals are some of the very best teachers.

  16. My husband is a very logical man (engineer). I know sometimes he struggles to understand me when the left and right sides of my brain war with eachother, but he's always quiet, always hears me out, even if he disagrees. I cherish him so much for that. I love being the only person he divulges little secrets to, little dreams, things that most people wouldn't think would come from him. I love him for letting go and dreaming a bit. I'm glad to make someone comfortable enough, and have trust enough, share more of themselves without fear. I feel that is to love the soul of another.

  17. I agree with Lindsay: "Assume the best in someone," something I've been reminded of a lot lately.

    And also, to love the soul of another: Believe in them. Implicitly. In whatever they do or pursue. When you do that, people feel like they can fly.

    I am always humbled and grateful when people do the same for me.

    Love your feathered soul, chica.


  18. lmsprott says:

    For me – even on the busiest days…I find the best way to love the soul of another is to actually STOP, LOOK and LISTEN – really listen – to our boys, my man and our friends and just enjoy sharing whatever it is important to them at the moment and cherish our time together.

    Thanks, Jillian, for sharing your soul with all of us. It's a blessing.

  19. sami chu. says:

    i love this bag, and i love your tagline so much. i think the best way to love someone's soul is to love them utterly and truly for who they are, not all of the elevated ideas of who you think they could be. i am marrying my high school sweet heart, my soul mate, this year. i have found that i have learned to love him more and not the idea of him. i think that's the same type of thing as loving his soul.


    ps! i also have a great giveaway on my blog too!

  20. Patricia Wood says:

    Namaste says it all: "The spirit in me respects the spirit in you," "the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you".

    Every one of us has a purpose. And whenever disliking somebody's actions or words, I remind myself that they are just that – actions and words. They are not the person's entire self or sould. I often wish for the light within to shine through.

    Merci pour ce concours. Votre esprit et votre art sont rΓ©jouissants pour l'esprit et le coeur et j'adore vous lire:)


  21. Dale Smith says:

    Love is THE great mystery of life, for me. I have had the experience, more than once, of feeling indescribable love for someone I did not know. It was magical and a priceless gift.

  22. Sierra Keylin Jewelry says:

    To love someones souls is to love everything about them unconditionally, appreciating them for who THEY are, and loving that they are that way because it is the essence of that person. We cannot pick and choose which parts to love, and the soul holds every element of a person.
    Thanks for making me take a moment and think about this…

  23. deanna may says:

    The best way to love someone's soul is to open yours to it. To think beyond one's self and realize that there are other, breathing, beautiful human beings out there in the world and that we are meant to form meaningful relationships with them, to offer fellowship and to form community. I love Eric's soul by placing my hand on the back of his neck while he drives, buying him a special mini saskatoon pie from the farmers' market, encouraging him to be the man he wants to be, and assuring him that I love the man that he is.

    And also: I love that tote.

  24. HAGEBUTTE MonisMoniKate says:

    I love YOUR soul! You are a wonderful person, dear Plume! πŸ˜€
    Greetings from Germany

  25. Lee Ohio says:

    I've always been a fan of the little things: small gestures of kindness, hugs, words of support and of course, candy surprises. xo Jennifer

  26. The best way, I think, is moments when my husband and I fall absolutely silent, and we're just -with- each other, no words necessary. Those moments I think are those when I love -his soul- the best, when we love each other's the best, because of the quiet and the peace in both of us.


    my email is

  27. calamityjane(t) says:

    i think that the very best way to love a soul is to look deep into that soul and encourage, support, and be the "yes!" that person needs to become all that they are capable of being.

    you reflect the love that many others have for your soul,
    making our world shiny and bright. thanks, jillian.

  28. R. M. Preston says:

    To me loving someone's soul means loving someone for simply being. For who they were, who they will be, but most importantly for who they are RIGHT NOW. Not trying to change them, not overlooking flaws, seeing all of it and accepting all of it.

    Thanks for this, I needed to be reminded of it…. : )

  29. oh, heck yes…totes! yeehaw!

    Regarding the Love: To listen. Listening to the souls of others is not only my way of expressing interest and love for that person, but my genuine fascination of each story, opinion, fear, love, expression, mannerisms etc.

    Everyone has something magnificent to share, and there's no better way to love than by being truly present!

    I love your soul, jillian!


  30. the best way to love the soul of another…


    deep love is learned over time with another human being by loving their very soul

    it is truly 'seeing' the other by listening to the inner voice that is not ego…

    and loving what is 'not beautiful' in the other ~ accepting it with unconditional love and honoring the 'unbeautiful' as sacred …and helping to untangle the 'unbeautiful' in the other (not build an inventory of faults)but to bring tenderness to these things

    and accepting that there are many deaths and rebirths within that one relationship and committing with whole heart, and going the distance day by day for the soul of one another

    loving the soul is knowing everything about each other and still being attracted to the good and sensing that whatever happens in love is transformative

    in a book i am reading i read 'tears change people, remind them of what is important, and save their very souls'

    and I love this:)


    I am so so so in love with that bag Jillian ~ and I will cry if I don't win

    no I won't

    I will buy one in your shop


    I love YOUR soul Miss Plume!!!


  31. Brooke Medlin says:

    Aw, I love this. How sweet.

    I think loving someone's soul means you make it obvious that you keep the very best of them, all that they are – safe, and you strive to keep that sacred. When I picture this feeling in my head, I see the smile I smile at my husband only – the one I give him to let him know he (from his toes to his nose and back again) is safe with me. His soul is safe with me.

    Aw, love! What a beautiful thing.

  32. Oh, I love bags!

    I think loving someones soul is loving them despite their faults and weaknesses. It's also embracing their quirks no matter how strange you think they are. It's simply loving someone for who they are.

  33. Thoughts from the Desert says:

    The best way to love the soul of another is first to acknowledge how deeply connected it is to your own.

    Then, we can only love in the way that we do … each of us with our love as unique as a fingerprint.

    I love your work, and I love your soul, too.

  34. I am not sure how to describe loving the soul of another. There are people I LOVE, and then there are soulmates. My best friend Kelly is my soulmate, I think because I know that whatever we do – good, bad, crazy – we would support each other and be the first to laugh or cry about it. My couch is her couch. Her laughs are my laughs. We discuss the deep dreams and nightmares without judgement, without fear, without agenda. She's the one I want laying in the nursing home next to me!


  35. to love another's soul is to simply accept each other exactly as we are….to take the good with the bad

  36. DalaHorse says:

    Me want bag….
    the warrior soul within–rollin' with the punches these days and riding high!

    Jillian…love your wild heart!

    β™₯ is where you'll find me

  37. I try to listen well, because being heard is when I feel my soul is loved.

  38. hugs. lots of hugs.

  39. Brooke Medlin says:

    Also, I love everyone's answers. They are just what I need today. πŸ™‚

  40. The best way to love someone's soul is to see past everything and truly love them for who they really are. Unconditionally, always.

  41. The Noisy Plume: says:

    Brooke: I'm thrilled with these responses too. This might be the most uplifting giveaway I've ever done and ONLY because of the responses here…not because of anything I've said or done.

    Each comment here bears so much truth, honesty and wisdom.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR THESE COMMENTS, and for the comments to come!

  42. Brycetard says:

    Listening to, honoring and telling your loved just how much you love them every day. Shamelessly letting tears flow because the love is so deep. Looking at them and really seeing them. Encouraging their growth and wish to live largely. Being with them through it all. Gifting them with relics and words that will forever remind them of the important things.

  43. I think the best way to love a soul of another is to love and accept them for who they are, faults and all, as that is what makes them unique.

    Sending your soul lots of love



  44. I love the souls of those dear to me, no matter how far by thinking of them often, respecting them, and sharing in their hopes, dreams and sorrows….

    LOVE these!!!!!!

  45. Kelly Z. says:

    best way to love a soul…be lovely in your own wee soul, embrace them with truth and wonder for all that they are…and never stop letting them know;)
    a downright totealicious giveaway, thank you!

  46. For me, soulful love is Godlove.


    Open hands, ready to cradle or let go. Open heart, ready to ask, ready to learn, ready to rejoice another's truth.

  47. On the other hand, soulful love could be Doglove! Every day I get a lesson in unconditional, vulnerable, unbounded, nurturing, forgiving, undying love from my 2 aussies. Especially from my deaf and vision-impaired rescue. She knows how to love beyond all reason!

  48. kagoyahime says:

    The best way I've found to love with all your soul is to give with no thought of the (re)action you will get– to close your eyes and reach out to other person with everything. I aspire to grow compassionate enough to do this unfailingly. The hardest thing is to reach out to someone who doesn't want to be reached– yet they are the ones who need it.

  49. Give a deep hug in a time of need. Someone did it for me and I still remember it.!

  50. pencilfox says:

    i suck at loving:
    i suck at loving myself, mostly.
    so i learn to love others' souls by hanging around people like YOU, j-feather plume.
    ….just sayin'….

  51. I've been following your Flickr stream for a little while now and what strikes me about your work is the personality you put into the pictures you take of that work.

    It's never occurred to me that genuine love could exist unless it was from soul to soul. I'm completely dismissing love of things, like ice cream because that's not really love. We need more words for love, like the Inuits have many many words for snow each one expressing an exact sort of snow.

    Lady Mockingbird

  52. Anastasia Cox says:

    To love the soul of another means loving all their phases: their full moon, their fingernail moon, their blue moon, their no moon. You have to love people when they are silent and dark as well as when they shine their full light on you, their full reflected glory. Because we are all moons, and we all have phases, and they are not all pretty. But underneath the flux of phases there is the soul. It abides, it remains in us all. We must respect each other's souls, whatever life flings at us. xxxxxxxxxx

  53. Catherine Chandler says:

    You are beautiful.

    I try to LOVE those around me (and sometimes, those very far away…even those I don't know) by remaining OPEN. Opening my heart to acceptance and understanding…I try to send love out of myself to others. From the many men and women on the street corners who are less fortunate, to the little ones I hold close and dear…I open my heart and give them love.

    Sometimes…sometimes I need to close myself for bits of time to 'recharge', but I have surprised myself in the depths that my patience and acceptance and forgiveness can produce.

    In other words….

    Love to you, my dear!

  54. I truly love the soul of my daughter in heaven. It is the only way that I can still feel connected to her. I love her soul when I open myself up to signs that occur in my everyday life.
    I love the souls of people in my life by having open ears and an open heart.
    Thank you for offering a special tote bag. Your a sweetheart.
    my email is

  55. VisionQuest says:

    the best way to love someone's soul is to let them know that you do… don't keep it to yourself.. :o)

  56. Nymph711 says:

    Loving another's soul is seeing how similar we all are as human beings, and recognizing that we all need to cherish each others strengths and weaknesses as their best and love them any way <3 I love your soul Ms. Plume, from the bottom of my heart I really do…

  57. Nymph711 says:

    Eep! I forgot to include my email address… <3 just in case *fingers crossed*

  58. The Flowering Fig says:

    These bags are beautiful. I would happily purchase one if I was ever lucky enough to see the listing in time πŸ™‚
    I've been thinking 'what is the best way to love the soul of another?' More of a feeling washed over me than words. So i will do my best to decipher these feelings….
    The best way I enjoy loving a soul is softening my heart and my presence when I witness moments of intense vulnerability in another as though all of their layers have been shed without even having the intention to shed them at all. When you for moments in time witness the child within another assessing the safety of their vulnerability, trying to interpret your response hoping for a sense of assurance. In those moments I like to offer a gentle smile, a loving embrace, and a lightness in being that says 'you are okay here' and 'you are loved so deeply in these moments'. To me this is the deepest way for me to love the soul of another and to say thank you for sharing it with me.
    Love you Jillian.

  59. The Flowering Fig says:

    Oh and just in case I am one of 5 LUCKY ladies! πŸ™‚

  60. Hello Jillian,
    I have Multiple Sclerosis since 23 years, which means that my body is disabled. I'm trying to have a lovable soul. To love the soul of another is to see and to love that person behind appearances.
    Have a nice day !

  61. kerin rose says:

    wow….this one is waaay to big for this little comment box!….it is all the breathtakingly beautiful things written here before I arrived this morning….

    coupled with the idea that it is so important to work at loving another being the way THEY need and want to be loved, not the way YOU know how to love….

    and remembering that love is a VERB….it is active, and breathing, and needs exercise every day…..


  62. Abigail says:

    To speak love into one's soul-true to share with one that Jesus Christ is their Maker and He wants a relationship with that person..because He is their true love!! Tis only He who can fill the void.

  63. Jillian, the tote is beautiful, really fabulous. It would be so special to win one πŸ˜‰

    It is important to spend lovely time together, to be just there for the other one and to listen to what their soul conveys.


  64. cheesehead - a.k.a. Brandy says:

    I love that bag!! πŸ™‚

    The best way to love a soul is to love it like you love yourself, to understand that most often the bad things are brought on by insecurities and fear – and then to love that fear away.

  65. Oh, the best way to love another is to give the gift of listening. Really listening and not solving, criticizing, comparing, self exampling…. but to listen, absorb and feel what they are saying. And by listening – I also include reading what someone has written and doing the same.

  66. Cinder says says:

    So many wise, wonderful and soulful comments have been written so far.

    I try to be understanding of another's point of view. Unconditional love and friendship are important too.

    Thanks for the give away JIllian. You are a sweet generous girl.

    I love your soul. You are an inspiration.

  67. it's a beautiful phrase. to love another's soul is to love their very core. it doesn't matter what they look like, their flaws and mishaps, it's all irrelevant. their soul is pure.

    btw, is this open internationally? if so, would be nice to be included, otherwise no biggie.

    also, you don't have an email on your profile so hope you don't mind me saying here…

    if Elena's recipe is too dense, keep in mind nuts always will be in comparison to regular flour, but you could try adding another egg, or two egg whites, and beating them light and airy of course. You'll start to move towards something cakey , but you could find your favourite balance.

  68. The Noisy Plume: says:

    Monica: YES! I will ship these bags ANYWHERE! Thanks for the additional thoughts on that bread recipe! x

  69. MissKStone says:

    Ack! I need one!
    The best way I know how to love a soul is through dance. I love teaching wee (and not so wee) dancers how to love themselves and their souls through movement. It's so important that they know they're enough, just the way they are.
    If only they'd point their feet!!! πŸ˜›
    I love YOUR soul missy plume!

    (sorry if this is the second time you got this…I tend to forget my passwords!)

  70. Peter Bangs says:

    A Fantastic thought and a beautiful bag, my wife would love it if I won it.

    How to love a soul? help it stay aloft in times of trouble, support it selflessly and accept the support other souls give you. It is after all more blessed to give then receive but you have to accept and let others give too.

  71. To understand their side and where they are coming from. We are all much too quick to judge every little thing people do without having an understanding and appreciation for whats going on behind the scenes.

  72. Corinna says:

    The best way to love the soul of another is to help give them space to BECOME…

    …and know that their becoming may not make sense to you, but help make space for them regardless. Be generous!


  73. Ooooh, I love that bag! I have so many amazing people in my life who would love one! Here's my email:

    The best way to love the soul of another: turn off your automatic judgment machine. Open up your eyes and ears. Relax into the joy of truly loving another's soul. Love them for who they are, not for what you want them to be.

  74. Desiree Fawn says:

    Mmmm, how to love the soul of another. Give them space, give them tea and baked goods, let them show you what their soul desires, and let them love yours in return <3

  75. Let the soul be. Feed it, kiss it, hug it, leave it alone. Whatever it needs, open your arms and accept. Accept that you can not change someonelse's soul, you can only make improvements to your own. Let your own soul be loved, and love yourself too.

    Loving your soul, dear Plume!


  76. Eliza Rae says:

    Best Way to Love another's Soul: Bake them brownies. I LOVE the feeling I get whisking the mix and licking the bowl, just knowing these fluffy, gooey, chocolatey, treats are going to be loved too! xoxo

  77. fluttertothesky says:

    best way to love a soul is to tell it stories and allow that soul to tell its stories. listen. Feed off each others souls and inspire one another.

  78. a butterfly says:

    the tote bag:
    love it, want it, need it, MUST have it!:):)

    the answers are a give away in itself dear jillian! i loved reading them : )

    to listen, to share, giving without the expectasion of getting something in return, and pancakes my husband says : )


  79. The Noisy Plume: says:

    I really cannot get over how beautiful these responses are. I've been thinking about you all…and love…all day long! I'm so glad you're part of my world — I just had to tell you so!

  80. Amy Olson Jewelry says:

    hello Plume!
    I believe that loving one's soul is best done by always seeing the best in the other person and knowing how to forgive-
    I love the tote!
    thank you,

  81. one way to really love a soul might be really taking a moment to stop and listen and to really take in what people are saying to you, then taking a moment to think about what you say to people. speaking words of sincere truth and heartfelt kindness. its not always about saying the right thing, it is about the intention…

    i would be so happy to win such a lovely tote. i have been having such a shall we say tough time lately, feeling very rejected and confused about somethings. maybe a lucky win would be the turn in events!

  82. congamama2 says:

    I have a most amazing job . . . I am a massage therapist. How do I love someone's soul? I create a sacred space for whomever is on my massage table-to laugh, to cry, to talktalktalk, to sleep, to pray.
    I am a friend who listens. I use my hands to minister love, refreshment, relief-all ways of loving someone's soul!

    Love the bag! Love the blog!

  83. Kerstin says:

    I love his soul by listening to what he doesn't say.

    (Found you via Maddie, it's lovely here.)

  84. beth + cody says:

    To love the soul of another is to see that innate beauty and potential for goodness that lies within us all. To love a soul is to encourage her to bloom and bloom again, so by her blossoming, she can see herself to be as wonderful and colorful and bright as you always knew she was.

    To love a soul is to listen to Pablo Neruda, who was loving someone when he wrote to her,

    "I want to do with you what the spring does to cherry trees"

    Keep blooming, Plume!
    Thanks for another wonderful contest!

  85. bon*bon says:

    I truly adore that you hallmark your work with * I love your soul*. It's the ultimate phrase of love, acceptance and validation.

    To love another soul is ~

    I see you
    I hear you
    You make a difference

    Thank you! You're a sweetie xo

  86. Truely accepting who the person is, even if you disagree with it. If it is a part of them than it must be important.

  87. annalouiza says:

    Loving another soul is as simple as smelling the other's forehead, breathe deeply and say "mmmmm, you smell great!"

  88. Candice says:

    The best way to love a soul is with honesty. πŸ™‚

  89. kari Sanford says:

    the way i love anothers soul is to give a hug to a stranger. when i was going through a difficult time last year, a stranger approached me and said that it looked as if i needed a hug, and she gave me one. it felt good and it was just what i needed at that moment. i have since done the same for others…and it still feels good!

  90. veronica sampson says:

    S ~ sublime

    O ~ open

    U ~ uncharted

    L ~ limitless

  91. resolute twig says:

    love these bags so much! and your lovely self for thinking to make them and give them away.

  92. The best way for me to love a soul is through cooking and feeding the soul. This is how I share my love.


  93. lroyale says:

    The best way to tell if someone has been loving you soul (doodling it's name all over their binder, daydreaming romantic meanderings, humming under their breath: i mean, really, REALLY j'adore) is when he/she offers you half. Half of their delicious sandwich they just slaved over (turkey, thinly sliced tomato, avocado, a sprinkle of paprika, jalepeno cheese, crisp lettuce washed with care after being snagged from the garden…). If they have built it and are sitting down, radiating a heightened anticipation for greatness, tummy rumbling and you waltz in and say "oh wow! That looks delicious!" and their hand extends half of their 7-grain masterpiece? Well, that's just pure selfless love right there.

  94. C. Tvillingmamma says:

    Loving someoneΒ΄s soul- really listen to there truth and respect it. Love the bags,hopa i get ont,just so i can remember,to give love everyday…even more.

  95. C. Tvillingmamma says:

    Oh sorry: email- πŸ™‚

  96. Hi Plume!

    Great bags.

    Poetry is my best way to love a soul.


  97. Marlene says:

    Wonderful give-away!
    To truly accept someone 100%, with flaws and the lot, is to love someones soul to me.

  98. we only love what we consider beautiful, pure, good…

  99. The Noisy Plume: says:

    I've been reading your incredible comments here, in my spare moments this weekend, and am:

    1. So blessed by them all.
    2. SO glad I'm doing this giveaway — I wish I had 100 of these totes to give!!!
    3. So uplifted by the very definition of love. I want to love harder and love better after reading your comments. Your insights, wisdom and honesty are always changing me into a better person.

    for being in my world.

  100. srichmond says:

    Loving the soul of another…
    … being open to another person's story, and sharing in the journey to the next chapter. We all have experiences that shape who we are, and sometimes we love a soul for a time.
    Each time we open ourselves up to love, we learn something. Whether it's how to grow with someone, or how to let them go. That's the thing about loving, you never know where it will take you, but if you don't open yourself to love every once in awhile, you may not get to experience something amazing that will surely feed your soul.

    You are lovely, and an inspiration.

  101. To love the soul of another…know that the soul is shy. Make it comfortable enough to come out of hiding. Welcome it, honor it, be genuinely curious about it.

  102. The best way to love someone's soul is to listen to and love your own soul first. You need an open mind and a willing heart. Ditch your expectations and get ready for the adventure of your life. When you love someone else's soul you carry them with you always-no matter what.

  103. reconstructing sarah says:

    i think the best way to love someone's soul…is to live and love sacrificially and unconditionally…a Christ-like love…

    xo, dear.

  104. I love your soul….
    I think we all need to open up and show some soul-loving.
    I once read this book where there was this guy and he felt so happy so he openend his window and shouted "I am so happy!!!" So his neighbours got happy because he felt so happy. And the neighbours neighbours got happy and the friends and family of all his neighbours got happy. It was spreading out all over the country. Amazing!
    I very often want to open my window!
    And I think it's the same with soul-loving.
    Show it.
    If you really open up and dare to love another soul, this other soul will open up and so on….
    And I do believe walking around with your bag will also make people think about the magic of soul-loving.
    I am aming for world-peace here!
    Open up your soul for some soul-loving.

    Big hug from Holland,
    x Petra

  105. pencilfox says:

    i've been reading through all these responses.
    over the weekend, when i was struggling with my heart being hard and my aura being dark, the above responses all evoked this from me — "yeah, sure….easy for YOU to say…."
    so, after realizing that my heart was stone-cold-hard and my mind was closed because of someone else's actions [so *I* thought….it was THEIR fault!] i opened my mind, and let my heart soften, and THEN i got it: all you dear ladies DO know!

    so now i'm ready to tell you how i love someone else's soul:
    listen with my heart.

    i love you so much, j-feather.

    and: i love all you ladies so much for teaching me a valuable lesson.


  106. Woman of Promise says:

    1 Corinthians 13

    If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.
    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…Love never fails.

  107. Time just flew by when I sat down and started reading these beautiful comments. I donΒ΄t have a clue how long IΒ΄ve been just sitting here absorbing these words of wisdom and heart. It amazing you can start something like this<3

    With love and appreciation,

  108. love this…
    i think the best way to love a soul is to remember that everyone has the same heart, each with a different journey… but still the same, that is capable of feeling so deeply, bursting at the seams, and hurting easily…

  109. Lindsay Knapp says:

    love with your WHOLE heart. not just a sliver here or a sliver there. all of it. your soul will thank you for it!

    great tote! hope all is well jillian.

  110. brittany says:

    first thoughts that come to mind:

    sitting comfortably in silence with another. being able to stare into thier eyes without that twinge to avert the gaze.


  111. I realized how much I loved MY OWN soul when I realized that there was so much of my mother in me. She has the most brilliantly shining sparkly soul that I know and If even a fraction of her stardust rubs off on me than that is enough to fill my soul…..

  112. yasmine says:

    forgiveness, acceptance and support; as well as being a mirror to reflect all of the beautiful and extraordinary parts

  113. Finding the brightest part of someone and then fiercely and joyfully doing your best to make it grow. xo

  114. CrashingBison says:

    Ohhh, lovely bag and lovely quote by the Plume herself! Thank you for this! πŸ™‚

    I think the best way to love someone's soul is to, as other's have mentioned, keep your mind open and not judge. After that you can also:

    -listen to them (truly, truly listen)
    -learn from them (you can learn something new from any human being that you cross paths with)
    -be thoughtful with your words
    -have compassion & sincerity (show emotion)
    -always keep searching and learning from people…there is always something new to be found… πŸ™‚
    -Also, a big smile goes a long way at making people feel loved and you can almost see the soul in their eyes when you shine the pearly whites at them! πŸ™‚

  115. Jessica Nicosia says:

    I think the best way to love another soul is to love the flaws just as much as the beautiful, shining facets of that person. The flaws are what make the other parts shine. πŸ™‚

  116. i think the best way to love the soul is to feed it with plants, animals, and wonderful people, and beautiful land.

  117. Felicia Lynne says:

    The best way to love a soul is to listen. And see what there is to see, learn what there is to learn, about that soul. And then give them exactly what they need. πŸ™‚

  118. The best way I know how to love the soul of another is to try and to approach everybody in my world with this thought in mind: 'There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met.' A quote from William Butler Yeats.

    Thank you lovely lady Plume for helping me remind me of this in the way you approach the world. I love your soul!

  119. L Schelvan says:

    love despite it all… the best way to love the soul of another.
    thanks for the fun giveaway!
    lschelvan at gmail . com

  120. UmberDove says:

    … to itty bitty pieces. LOVES! (me)

  121. I think the best way to love a soul is simply to be the best part of their every day.


    nknguyen3 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  122. crazybird says:

    Hello Dear Plume,

    Thanks for this contest. My answer to your question is this…I think the best way to love another's soul, is to love them without ever expecting anything in return. I'm reminded of a quote I love (though I'm sorry I've forgotten the author) that goes something like, "Even after all this time the sun never says to the Earth,
    'you owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the world." πŸ™‚

  123. Blackberryz says:

    Messily, steadily, with joy
    really *seeing* someone and coming out to meet them. Celebrating them

    with soul food,
    soul music,
    and a bit of art + soul,


  124. Blackberryz says:

    Ohh, and did I mention blackberry pie and a set of large ears help the sould loving?

    These comments were so inspiring. What I need to read today.


  125. I tend to find it most meaningful to give what I love to receive: time. There are a lot of wonderful people in life – it can be overwhelming (and unrealistic) to try to keep up with everyone at the same level. But when I want to show someone I love and care for them, there's nothing like getting together, making a phone call, or writing an unexpected note.

  126. When it comes to my man, loving his soul means loving and honoring all of the quirky, wonderful things that make him "him". It means taking the time to sit and simply look into his eyes, letting my heart and soul look into his.

  127. by loving ALL of it, NO exceptions.
    on good days – on bad days.
    when you want to – when you don't feel like it.
    open your arms, accept it, apprecitate it, let it be as it is.

  128. Bethypie says:

    I love YOUR soul, my dear!when I think about really loving someone's or something's soul, it makes me more patient, caring and kind. Life seems slower and has more purpose. It changes the way I am caring for the beings I love, my plants, animals, my husband, even the way I care for myself. Thanks for reminding me, I need to be better at this.

  129. James Cade says:

    I feel the best way to love the soul of another is to Love who they are, Not who you want them to be!!!

    Thanks Jillian for a great giveaway and a great topic.

  130. songbird says:

    Okay. I think the best way to love a soul is two-fold…

    number one, throw yourself into committing to love anothers soul, and

    number two, remember that another person is "a work in progress." That alone, does wonders! In fact, it works well to tell others too: I'm "a work in progress!"

    Thanks for the chance to win this give-away πŸ™‚ β™₯

  131. The best way to love a soul is with all you have!

  132. I have always loved that line of yours. It makes me smile.

    The best way to love a soul? Give it wine. I kid (but only a little). Really I think it is the little things. Letting someone with one thing ahead of you in line at the store. The trucker who turned his signal on for me last night to let me know I could pass. Little things are the staple of the soul. Kind of like a tote!


  133. Gently, fiercely.

  134. Sabrina Butterfly Designs says:

    love it Jillian!!
    I too love to use the word "soul" in my motto to describe my unique little boutique which carries everything handmade! I have made some of these sweet little bags too with a motto that goes like this:
    Sabrina Butterfly Designs
    "Satisfy your soul + follow your heart to discover an array of handmade wonders."

    I would love to strut one of your bags around Edmonton!

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