The Story of Lunch:


  1. my mouth is watering. looks delish..

  2. bluebuttonwood says:

    I'll be right over 😀

  3. EmeliaRo says:

    Avocados and tomatoes are two of the most delicious of all of God's creations… well, those and cows.

  4. Desiree Fawn says:

    The Plume: Making all events SPECIAL since 19… whenever you were born 😉

  5. MrsLittleJeans says:

    I would normally drool but not today because I packed the same lunch -bread + hard boiled egg…here's to Plumie…munch munch…mangea mangea!


  6. Michele says:

    How do you make even lunch look beautiful?

  7. Rachael says:

    I agree with Michele who posted above me…you have a way of making absolutely everything beautiful dear J! Enjoy some salad for me please — I could eat tomotoes and avocados ALL day! By the way, I LOVE your Birks — are they ORANGE?! 🙂

  8. Aspen Wear says:

    Ah, looks perfect…and relaxing. I hope you are enjoying your day.


    P.S. I have that Amy Millan CD as well. My Canadian gave it to me some time ago. I think I'll pull it out and listen while sewing.

  9. i am there with you always
    even to the tip of idaho

  10. I tend to love any good story involving a tomato. This one was no exception.

  11. Marina H says:

    I heart you and your gorgeous tomatoes and your adorable table and chairs.

    I'm happy you had a beautiful weekend!
    Here's to a lovely week ahead!

  12. Melissa-Ann says:

    O, I like that tray!

  13. UmberDove says:

    Whatcho tallkin' 'bout tomato-head?!?


    AND one of these days you and I will have a bread-bake-a-thon! YeeHaw!

  14. sensitiveartist says:

    I am blessed to know you, if only through your blog.

  15. CarolynArtist says:

    oooo the inside colors of an avacado are incredible! your lunch looks mouth watering, and a book, my kinda gal!

  16. westbyron says:

    you're like the poster child for the life well lived…like a character in a French film.

  17. sylvestris says:

    Love your presentation of the tomato. It is, or was, a beaut. Thanks for offering so elegantly bountiful a lunch for our delectation!

    D 😛

  18. akamilby says:

    I've read Wallace Stegner, but not that one in particular. What do you think of it?

    Your lunch was worthy of a story . . . bon appetit!

  19. The Noisy Plume: says:


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