EDIT::Hey there ladybirds and gentlebeards!  Wowsers!  Thanks so much for your support today!  My new designs flew right off the shelves and into your hearts.  Thanks so much, as always, for the delightful convos, sweet emails, and kind comments you’ve left for me today (and all days).  I’ll see you all upon my return from Arizona and if I get the chance, I’ll be sure to post a few pictures of the adventures we have while away.
You’re my favorite Valentines.



I’ve just finished taking and editing photos and am headed for the Etsy shop now for the final update before our little trip commences.  Anything that sells in the shop today will be shipped out to you today.  RW is pulling a serious tornado turnaround on shipping this afternoon.  Thanks for being so patient birds!  See you at The Noisy Plume.


  1. You did make the green petal-set one look more like a lotus flower……



  2. wowee!

  3. The Noisy Plume: says:

    D: HA! You are far more refined than I. I’ve called that necklace “More Country Than A Turnip Green”

    Tee hee heeeee!!!

    KVPA: I can just HEAR you saying that word. I miss you.

  4. I think you may have ruined it for me, although I seem to be checking in every other second to your shop to see if it’s posted…

  5. Sunny Rising Leather says:


    I have been eating granola and watching your rings disappear: it makes my heart soar: the ultimate gift to the world 🙂

  6. My oh my -quite the show today! I went to show my hubby a ring only to find it was gone already. Apparently I have to be faster on the draw. I have been getting my own rocks out and looking them over, perhaps I will try to make something of my own this weekend – if I screw it up badly enough maybe hubby will feel sufficiently sorry for me and buy me one of yours! Have a good trip –

  7. Wow, what stunners! I kept my vigil, but alas, none would fit my digits. Have a wonderful trip, J!

  8. Miss Crowland says:

    I only fault you one thing, Plume. You need to make more rings size 7 and under!

  9. jaccalyn Korv says:

    WOW i have been checking your shop to see the latest newbies one min nothing posted the next ALL sold…you Are amazing.
    I’m keeping a better eye out for when you post your custom orders…I will cry if i can’t get my ring started on….its ALL i want for my b-day, which is in ONE week

  10. It’s nice to sit back and watch for once…
    Nice for my credit card that is.
    Cruel and unusual punishment for my dainty fingers though, hehe! 😉

    Lovely batch as always Jillian!
    Have a great trip!

  11. The Noisy Plume: says:

    Thanks so much for these comments chickies! They made my day!

  12. Michael and Melissa says:


    . Love your lips but he way….

  13. OK I give up! Whatever you want to call that necklace, I didn’t even see it listed. But, I see it’s sold.

    I feel like I’m trying to purchase seats to a just listed, yet hot concert.

  14. lindsay michele says:

    If you make something in a wee size of 5 (4.75 when I’m cold) I may no longer be able to resist the urge!

    How wonderful that they all went so quickly!

  15. miss jillian, you are like a magician.

    you create the most beautiful things out of thing air, and then you just make them disappear. incredible.


  16. mme. bookling says:

    two things:

    1. the second picture in the series has been sufficently stolen and placed into my ‘jillian’ folder in my photos. thank you for looking ravishing.

    2. i must give great accolade to the various sizing of rings you posted today. though i was unable to take advantage of them (as i was not there two seconds after they were released into shop), i still adore them and love that i could have worn them on my more portly digits.

  17. Jeweled Blossoms says:

    You know…

    I’m thinking I’m going to literally start stalking your shop when new items are released. It seems I can only catch seeing them in the sold items!

    Do you remember those old Mervyn’s commercials with the people sitting outside the door, pressed up against the glass saying “open open open open”? That’s what your shop has become 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!


  18. everything is so beautiful.

    i hope you have a fabulous trip!

  19. Jillian,

    I picked up my ring today! It is so stunning. I haven’t taken it off since I opened the box. I must say I love the beautiful boxed presentation as well. I love your work — keep creating.

    All the best. I hope you have a great holiday!


    PS “My bed is small in stature” says to say “hello”!

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